Personalise your certificates with our amazing 'Custom Forms' feature!

Kafui Mortty

We've had a way to create custom certificates for a long while but we've also been looking to create something even more customisable, which leads me to one of our latest updates: the Custom form builder!

We've been making upgrades across the whole system for all of our pricing plans, as well as some exclusive to specific plans too. Speak to our Sales team about what would be best suited to your needs - they're happy to walk you through the benefits as they apply to you specifically. This particular feature is available on all new account types on our Go Paperless plan and above.

Please note - you'll need to have Microsoft Word installed in order to utilise this feature, Commusoft can be used as an extension through Word and acts as an important part of how the custom forms will be created.

How our customisation can help you help your customers!

So, in simple terms - we’ve created a brand new way in which you can create your very own forms, through Commusoft. We focused on making this as granular as possible so you never have to compromise on information you need or rely on something industry standard that doesn't fully accommodate your specific needs. Once set up through Commusoft, it’s as easy as configuring them in a Word document and then uploading it to your system.

This means that any workflows or services you handle that Commusoft doesn’t accommodate specifically for (niche or custom certificates and such), there’s now still a way to handle this through the system, meaning you won’t need to look any further than Commusoft and Microsoft Word in order to develop new forms and certificates you may require.

It also means you won't have to be reliant on the generic forms that we provide for you - these custom forms can look and function exactly as you need them to in each instance. Above, you can see the field types and sections we have available - this level of customisation is fantastic because by simply dragging and dropping and filling out a little info you can decide exactly what you want each page to look like and how you need it to function.

You can even share these forms with other Commusoft accounts - meaning that you're not just limited to what you create, you can share in other's forms as well as sharing your own within your community.

(This can be done in a few simple clicks by using the 'Advanced options' to select the form you'd like to use and uploading it from your documents/computer).

Connecting to Microsoft Word!

Commusoft will now be available as a Microsoft Word extension for you to be able to download allowing you to design and customise your own form in Word before then uploading them to Commusoft (you can even download them from one Commusoft account and share them with another!).

This functionality also has the fantastic ability to intersect with our Assets feature, allowing you to integrate the various assets you may need to include within the workflow too (as long as you have Assets enabled on your system which may take a little calibrating within your settings, so if you have any questions give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through it).

Again, please get in touch with sales - book a call here - to discuss how you can best utilise custom forms to improve your own workflows as well as your engineer and customer journeys.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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