Never lose important customer data again with our new CRM integration!

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If you happen to use Pipedrive for your customer relationship management then you will be delighted to know that you can now connect this directly with Commusoft!

This integration will let you seamlessly share valuable company data across both platforms, meaning that the data on each platform will always be up to date.

Integrating Pipedrive with Commusoft ensures that you have the right data at the right time without the need to toggle back and forth between the two systems. Depending on your business’ needs you can sync in different ways. You can two-way sync. So that Commusoft and the CRM software share data with each other. Or, you can opt for one-way sharing, either from Commusoft to CRM software or from CRM software to Commusoft.

After choosing how you want your data to be shared you are also able to choose which data you want to share, and then this data will be automatically shared between the two. This will not only ensure your team will have full oversight of sales leads and customer data, but also make sure no important data is ever lost. So your staff can continue to keep track of leads, build trustworthy reports, and ultimately win more business.

Another great benefit of connecting Commusoft with a CRM system is contact management, if synced both ways, any information you edit will be automatically updated in both pieces of software helping to avoid any discrepancies.

How to set up the integration

First of all, you'll need a Pipedrive account and a Commusoft account to connect to. Head over to the Integrations page in Company settings where you will see CRM integration, click on ‘set up CRM integration’.

Pipe drive screenshot 2

Select Pipedrive and then click 'Connect CRM account', this will redirect you to their webpage, choose the account you want to connect to and this will redirect you back into Commusoft.

CRM 2.5

You then need to choose how you want to sync your data. 'Sync two way' will mean that your data will be shared between both Commusoft and the CRM provider, meaning that any changes you make will occur in both pieces of software. This will also help to minimise contact management admin time as you won't have to update records twice and also will avoid discrepancies in data across the platforms.

You can also choose to sync data one way too. Choosing 'sync data from Commusoft to Pipedrive only' will mean that new data or changes made in Commusoft will travel to Pipedrive but any changes made in the CRM software will not affect the data in Commusoft. 'Sync data from Pipedrive to Commusoft only' will do the opposite.

crm345After choosing how you want to sync your data you then need to choose what actions are supported by your CRM provider.

'Write access' means that you will be able to create data.

'Update access' will mean that you can change data.

'Delete access' means you can delete data.

Once you select your options and click 'next' you will see a summary of your choices which you can then confirm and then click 'next' and the first part of the integration is now complete.

CRM 53536

You will then notice that the CRM integration box now has three new options that you can click. For the integration to work, you will need to 'Map fields'. This is where you will need to select the correct name of the corresponding fields in each platform. You will need to map at least one field in each of the three sections to finish integration, but take a look at what information you use and fill in as many as possible.

Pipedrive has provided us with a list of field names that they use for each data field so you should be able to find what you need, but they might be named slightly differently. For example, as shown below for Company data in Commusoft the Company name field is called 'Company Name' but in Pipedrive it is just called 'Name'.


Once you have completed that click 'save' and the integrations should be up and running. You can test it by creating a new contact and see if all the data transfers over correctly.

Want to use this feature?

This integration will be available on the Go Paperless plan. If you would like to use it but do not have access on your current plan, you can contact sales here.

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