Your contracts are going to be even better now you can renew them!

Kafui Mortty

Our 'Contracts' feature (available on our 'Go Paperless' plan and above), is a great way of managing everything from PPM to any SLA's that you may have established in your business. This feature is available on our Go Paperless plan and above - if you wish to know more, why not book a demo with our sales team so they can show you just how much it can improve your customer journeys!

With that in mind, we're constantly improving the feature, which has led us to creating a way in which to renew your existing contracts. This would save you both time and effort as well as letting the system work for you in such a way that you don't have to manually monitor your individual contracts. It is simple and easy to set up and will massively increase the efficiency with which your contracts can be reapplied.

Simple, but effective, functionality!

As far as functionality goes, we've created a simple settings page from which you can establish the number of days before a contract gets renewed that a copy of that contract will be automatically created in the system. This saves you the admin time and effort of having to keep an eye on it yourself and then create a duplicate of the prior contract yourself, Commusoft takes all that work off your hands.

At the same time, we do also realise that things may have changed since the contract was last deployed. This is why we give you the ability to choose up to create the duplicate anywhere from a day to a month beforehand. This gives you the ability to check that everything is as it should be and make any updates or changes you need to, combining the ease of not having to manually recreate your contracts with the ability to tweak them before they are deployed if you have to.

These renewed contracts will be created in 'Draft' mode - meaning you don't need to worry about them going out without your knowledge in case you needed to check them first. You'll get a notification to inform you that a renewal has taken place, from where you can check everything is in order and activate it yourself with the click of a button. Although, it is worth noting that this notification is not automatically enabled and you'll have to turn it on manually to ensure you're actually being notified.

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