Commusoft's incredible engineer diary gets new colours

Jason Morjaria
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The engineer diary is the most used part of the application, we have spent a lot of time understanding customers needs, and we've come up with the best scheduling tool we've ever built.

Before we've released the new diary colours, the Diary was like the picture below:


We've got some feedback from customers saying that the colours were not obvious, so we've changed it!

I pleased to introduce our new diary colours on two-weekly views:


And on a daily view:



That's the same functionality, but the colours are stronger, so you don't need to double check which engineers is on the job. You can quickly get the big picture of the day, week or month.

More about the Commusoft diary:

One thing that has become evident to us working with customers is that for service companies, a traditional calendar set-up simply doesn’t cut the mustard as far as job management is concerned. So with the upgrade, we’ve designed a scheduling tool around the way you work.

For example, drag and drop are one of the Commusoft features that customers like best. It enables you to drag and rebook jobs straight into the diary. Drag and drop are what makes it easy for you to rearrange engineers’ schedules, which is fundamental to efficient job management.

With the Commusoft upgrade launch, the new diary gives you several views: daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly view. The weekly scheduling tool is also improved so that you can quickly see availability at a glance.

We are convinced that this new diary will not only be well used but well loved!

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Or watch the video: 


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