A Few Tweaks to Commusoft...

Kafui Mortty

It's been a long time coming, but, I know a change is gonna come... - Sam Cooke (1964)

We're constantly working on changes, updates, and improvements to our systems. A lot of these updates are based off feedback from yourselves (keep it coming!), and we get some really valuable insights into your varying workflows and how Commusoft can help improve them.

As rapidly as the system can change, it's important to us to keep you all in the loop and make sure everyone has a chance to integrate these feature changes.  Here are a few of our most recent updates that you can start to take advantage of!


Creditor Days & Payment Due Dates

Within Commusoft, our ‘Creditor days’ setting, as you’re likely aware, refers to the number of days you give customers to pay their invoices. This just helps manage expectations for both your customers and yourselves. You can set up different payment periods to assign to your customers through your system settings and apply them as and when you need to.

Once you’ve got the setting configured how you’d like, you can select a default number of days, seven for example, to apply system-wide. This means any invoice created will automatically have a seven day payment window associated with it, although, if need be, you can adjust this on a customer-to-customer basis as well. Once all of this is taken care of setting-wise, you can be comfortable knowing that your payment terms will be set up across Commusoft.

So, what's changed?

As much as we’re extremely proud of this feature, we’re not just telling you about it for our health this week. We’ve made a recent update to how the setting works and wanted to make sure you’re all kept in the loop so you can take advantage of it as well!

Now, you can even choose on an invoice-to-invoice level whether or not you'd like to change the due date that’s calculated based off the creditor days you’ve put in place. This allows you to adjust individual invoices with even more specificity without having to implement system-wide or even customer specific changes. This means that now, on the invoice page as you are creating one, you can simply use the 'Payment due on' field to change the date for a specific invoice.

(Please note - this update is not compatible with Sage Instant)

To support this feature, we've included, on the invoice summary page, a new icon that helps you quickly tell if any payments are overdue.

This will just be a little bubble (red - bad!) that indicates, in relation to the due date, how close a payment is to being considered overdue - which nobody wants.

You've been warned!

Just to keep things super clear and simple, we’ve also added into the system a new warning pop up when you're creating invoices:

Raising a final invoice within the system will complete the associated job as well as closing off any future diary events. Sometimes this can cause a little confusion, so we’ve added a reminder just in case when you’re raising final invoices.

This week, we're also offering another lucky customer the chance to win 5GB of free data just for filling out our quick questionnaire - this week on how you guys manage your mass communications and keeping in touch with all your customers. Complete our questionnaire if you didn't get a chance last week to enter yourself with the chance of winning 5GB.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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