Kicking off an exciting summer with another Commusoft software update

Jason Morjaria
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This weekend saw yet another Commusoft software update. With 94 separate bugs, improvements and features that kick started what will be an exciting July.


While Commusoft's latest software upgrade is still in Beta, we've had a pretty good week.  No issues were identified last week on the web or Android.  That's pretty exciting considering the software is still 10-12 weeks old.  A big thank you to all our clients who are working with us to improve the software.  We wouldn't be where we are without you.

So, what did we actually release this week:


Improvements to the Xero integration


We made a major update to our Xero integration, as many of you already saw, we're now featured on the Xero Market place.  The upgrade makes it significantly easier to get set up.  

Now you no longer need to match up your nominal codes as Commusoft automatically imports them from Xero, helping you get set up faster and reduces the potential for records to fail to send.


Added the 'Title' field to contacts


We've now included the Title i.e. Mr when adding a contact.  This makes a big difference across the system as we needed to add the title in all the tags, reports and screens across the system.  This should make the experience more consistent.


Added notice bars to invoices


We've now added a number of notice bars to the invoice screen.  This will help you keep track of key bits of information, helping you make better and more informed decisions.


Updated the diary events


You can now see from the diary when the underlying estimate or job has been accepted, rejected, invoiced, free of charged or aborted.  This will help you get insight into the state of all the work completed on any given day or week.


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