Let's Talk About... Service Reminders

Kafui Mortty

The ability to create and send out service reminders is a fantastic feature that we employ. It does pretty much what it says on the tin, in allowing you to send out emails, SMS messages or letters to your customers to keep them informed and updated about upcoming services that may be due to be carried out at their property.

Oftentimes a service is something that takes place infrequently enough that you won't always be thinking about it with a great deal of urgency or immediacy. If something only happens on a yearly basis, it won't take long for other, more pressing jobs to take precedent over preparing for the next instance of a service taking place.

Creating reminders through Commusoft gives you the peace of mind to know that 'X' amount of days or weeks before a service is due, your customers will be reminded, meaning you don't have to manually check and send them allowing you to focus on the core elements of your business more completely.

Setting up your reminders

Within Commusoft, you can set up these reminders for any of the numerous services you may provide for your customers. You can define the period of time prior to the service actually taking place that you'd like your communication to be sent out, and you can choose whether to send out an email, a text, a letter, or all of the above if you really want to cover all the bases. If you utilise out tags when crafting your message templates, then our service reminders will automatically include customer details, ensuring you provide a personalised experience to everyone you deal with.

The system accommodates for customers that have multiple properties, allowing you to send a reminder to each customer with a service due. This, again, cuts the amount of work you have to do to keep people updated down to a minimum.

A lot of the time, when customers get contacted with reminders or updates, they can be less than communicative in response. It's important to receive a response - affirmative or negative - from your customers in order to schedule appointments. Commusoft accommodates for human error in these cases with our 'Follow-up' facility. It allows you to set up a secondary reminder message to be sent out a set number of weeks after the initial reminder message.

In terms of manually managing these reminders, you can process them individually, in groups or all at once through the system. Your 'Customer' page (the one that opens up automatically when you go to app.commusoft.co.uk) will also have a box that'll show you the number of service reminders that will be due in the next 30 days. You can click into this section which will then take you to yet another page (above) that will allow you to view, filter and process these reminders if need be.

Service reminder reports

This is one of the most popular and utilised aspects of our Service Reminder feature. It allows you to generate and download (or print) reports regarding how many service reminders were sent during any given period of time. You can filter these reports down to make more specific, bespoke reports using the numerous Commusoft filters we offer - everything from customer type and communication type, to the due date(s).

We've even got a report for all the properties within the system that don't have services or reminders associated with them. This could help you focus in on new avenues you could pursue with certain customers to encourage usage of the services you provide.

Like all of our Commusoft reports, you can edit the actual columns displayed in the report's table. Use the edit (pencil) icon to add or remove columns to specify the information you'd like any report to include. This means you can generate multiple reports from the same bundle of information and then save as many as you need for future use.

               A Quick FYI from us...                

Here at Commusoft, we try to take every opportunity possible to brainstorm more ideas for improving your user experience. In the spirit of this, next Wednesday - March 11th,  we’re gathering Commusoft employees all over the globe, from London to Chicago to Chennai, to get together and discuss our plans moving forward as a company. The good news is, this kind of effort leads to huge improvements to Commusoft for all our fantastic customers! The bad news is that this also means our telephone lines will be shut down (so we have everyone’s undivided attention) from 1pm ‘til the end of the day. Our email support will still be available, though delayed. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience, and our support lines will be back up and running full steam the following morning!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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