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Two weeks ago, we hosted our first ever Product Round-Up event at our office in London. We had fantastic conversations, questions, and a catch up on feature releases from the past year, as well as the much-anticipated Stock Control launch. If you couldn't attend, we've recapped everything we covered with links to helpful resources! Or check out our quick highlights video below!


Why did we host the product round up event?

We've spoken to many clients over the past few months who expressed that they've struggled to keep up with the many updates Commusoft adds. We decided to host an event so our team could talk about and showcase the different new features we've added, detailing how and why they benefit businesses.

This was also a great opportunity for us to meet clients, listen to their questions and feedback, and in turn use our learnings as we build the next set of new features.

Commusoft product round up highlight photos

Let's recap!

Josh, Joshua, and Jack took it in turns to cover the following topics:

Customer portals

Our online customer portals are all about improving customer journey - it's crucial that customers have a positive and convenient experience at every touch point. With our online portals you can not only benefit from helpful tools for your business, but also keep customers coming back!

As Joshua explained, customers are growing to expect this sort of service - we are living in an evolving world where we now expect to be able to do everything online or from our smartphones.

Commusoft offer 5 portals:

  • Online booking form
  • Estimates portal
  • Engineer profile portal
  • Invoice portal
  • After-sales care portal

Find out about each of these over on our portal overview blog.

Want to read a little more about why customers love online portals? Check out our business blog here.

Managing debt with Commusoft

Jack shared some insights into how you can reduce debt in your business. He focused on two main tips:

  • Start taking deposits
    • Helps set an expectation to the customer about paying
    • If customers have an issue paying a deposit, think whether that is the sort of customer you wish to work with? Will they pay the final on time?
    • Stick to your process, don’t let customers dictate when and if they pay
  • Start storing customers’ card details
    • No need to keep asking the customer for their card details
    • Helps with managing small debt (it adds up!)
    • Additionally, we offer deferred payments to block out an amount on the customer’s card, e.g. what you typically do for hotels, car rentals, etc.

Commusoft's estimates portal makes it easy to take deposits when the customer accepts and signs the estimate. Additionally, we now offer deferred payments. Finally, with payment integrations to services like Stripe and SumUp, you can offer customers many ways to pay and increase the likelihood of getting paid on time.

Vehicle tracking

Joshua gave us a quick rundown of Commusoft's real-time vehicle tracking system and how it offers field service businesses an easy way to track vehicles from within their job management software.

vehicle tracking in Commusoft and app

You can watch a demo yourself, by checking out our vehicle tracking webinar, here.

We also highlighted our brand new vehicle tracking app for iOS and Android - read more about that - as well as our extended displays feature, which allows you to put engineer locations up on a big screen - find out how.

Intelligent scheduling

Automation was a big focus of the product round up and the source of many clients' questions. Josh covered our core automation feature - intelligent scheduling - which automates and improves the process of scheduling and routing jobs. It's powered by a robust route-optimisation algorithm that can help schedule thousands of jobs in one go.


Intelligent scheduling consists of two main elements:

  • Suggested appointments
  • Mass scheduling
    • Input tens or thousands of jobs and let Commusoft schedule them all for you, finding the most logical and efficient routes
    • More details coming very soon!

Try the scheduling game

Automated supplier invoice import

Save many admin hours with this automation! Instead of painstakingly inputting supplier invoices, office staff can simply drag and drop them into the browser. All the details are extracted and saved within Commusoft, so manual typing of supplier invoices can be a thing of the past.

Upload automated supplier invoice

We support many suppliers - and can add more as needed by clients. Check it out here.

Recent integrations

Jack took a few minutes to remind everybody of our recent integrations and how they can help you run your business more smoothly.

  • ZapierZapier logo
    Create powerful new workflows by zapping data from Commusoft into your other services. Learn more.

  • outlook-logoOutlook
    Access customer and job details directly from within Outlook. Read more.

  • Wazewaze logo
    Use Waze to navigate to customers' properties - share
    the address straight from the Commusoft app. Find out more.

Stock Control launch

Commusoft founder, Jason Morjaria, held the first demo of our brand new stock control feature. This is a comprehensive multi-location stock control system designed to help businesses:

  • Enhance the stockroom workflow
  • Reduce excess stock
  • Streamline their returns process
  • Improve customer experience

This is a vast system with many features, so we've put together a brochure to cover everything! Download it below.

Download Stock Control Brochure Nowyou want to learn more about Stock Control and how you can implement it into your business, Book a Demo Now

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