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At Commusoft, we offer a wide range of integrations to ensure that the platform is as holistic as possible. Having integrations with accounting packages, communication platforms and even payment gateways means that more of your information is stored and accessible within Commusoft, meaning you don't have to jump between various pieces of software.

Credit card integrations:

You can set up an integration through Stripe or Worldpay that allows your customers to make online payments for works your engineers complete. This setup is quick and easy to complete and means that you can simply send a link to an online payment facility through an email enabling your customers to go straight to it and make their payments online. 

Using Stripe or Worldpay, you can take payments online. Linking these popular payment gateways through Commusoft means you can take payments from your customers as soon as the job is completed, having had their card details saved through the system if you choose. This means you can get paid promptly and efficiently, allowing you to put measures in place to avoid getting late payments and saving you the added effort of taking payments over the phone or your customers from sending cheques.

We also integrate with SumUp if you'd like to give your engineers the ability to take payments on site after having completed a job. With the portable SumUp terminal, merchants can easily take debit, credit, and contactless payments on the go. Read more on our SumUp integration.

Accounting integrations:

We integrate with a number of accounting packages including Xero, Sage and QuickBooks. This enables you to collect invoices in real time and send them through to your chosen package.

Integrating your accounting package combines the job management capabilities of Commusoft with the invoicing and accounting capabilities of your chosen system. Commusoft automatically sends information through to your accounting package as well as storing information such as customer details, invoices, credit notes and more. This saves you the effort of having to manually enter information into Commusoft only to have to re-enter it into your accounting software too.

This integration also makes sure all the information you're handling through Commusoft and your chosen package is synced, up to date and accurate. You can choose to sync this information manually yourself, or simply set it up to run automatically behind the scenes. Read more on our accounting integrations here. You can also get in touch with our support team if you'd like to have a chat about our accounting integrations and the way in which they can optimise your bookkeeping.

Communication integrations:

Our communication integrations serve to make your Commusoft system even more comprehensive. Having integrations with communication platforms that you already use means that you can incorporate Commusoft into your workflows without having to make drastic adjustments.

There are huge benefits to utilising our various integrations. We integrate with Outlook and MailChimp for emails. This means that you can access a customer's work history straight from their email allowing you to respond quicker with up-to-date information. MailChimp also allows you to build dynamic email templates and send them to your Commusoft customer database. You can read more about our Outlook and MailChimp integrations.

If you're curious about other integrations (like Zapier, naturalForms, PartsArena Pro) or any potential upcoming integrations we're planning in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch with support!

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