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Kafui Mortty

As you guys know, we're constantly striving to make improvements to various aspects of Commusoft. A large percentage of these are based around recommendations that we get from you guys (so keep 'em coming!).

We've had some feedback in the past regarding the size of our diary segments. When you're creating a diary event (be it an estimate, normal event, or a job), you can always see a brief summary of the information related to it. Starting next week, we'll have bumped up the individual sizes of the time slots on the diary meaning that you'll be able to see even more information at a glance without having to open the full event up.

As you can see above, we've got a more comprehensive appointment slot for jobs now. Prior to this, the slot itself would only display an abridged title for the job description and the customer's name. Now, you can see the full job description, the customer's name as well as the address and postcode for the work address where the job is due to take place.

We've built this change based off consistent customer feedback centred around a desire for a slightly quicker, easier way to get certain job information at a glance. This helps save you precious time when you're setting up appointments or just grabbing bits and pieces of info from existing events.

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