The Commusoft mobile app comes to Chromebooks

Lauren Burgess

Chromebooks have been around for seven years now and their popularity is showing no sign of waning. Every year we see new models coming to the market and they’re becoming more powerful with each iteration. Here at Commusoft, many of our staff members choose to use Chromebooks instead of traditional PCs because of their versatility and portability.

One of the advantages of Chromebooks is that you can install apps from the Google Play Store onto it. In our continued efforts to make Commusoft as accessible as possible, we’ve now made the Android mobile application available for Chromebooks.

It’s important to understand that this is a version of the mobile app that engineers typically use in the field, not the web app where your office staff conduct their business. The web app has always been available on Chromebooks as everything is browser-based. What this does is allow you to access both the web app and mobile app on one handy device.

If you’re a Chromebook user (or were considering purchasing a Chromebook to use with Commusoft) please follow the instructions below to begin using the mobile app.

  1. First, navigate to the Google Play Store from your Chromebook or visit our website and click the Google Play button in the footer.
  2. Simply search for Commusoft and click through to the app’s page. 
  3. Click the install button on the right. (This is also a great time to leave us a review if you’d like to share any feedback!) Once it’s downloaded, you’ll see the screen below where you can open the app.
  4. Much like when signing in on the mobile for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your login details and your settings and history will begin downloading.
  5. Once everything has been downloaded, you can begin using the app exactly as you would on a tablet!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about this new way to access Commusoft and hope that Chromebook users will now be installing the app on their devices. If you have any problems with this process or have questions about how the app works on Chromebooks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our client services team at They’ll be happy to help. If you have any feedback, please leave us a Capterra review here, and if you would like to suggest an update to the system or a new feature, please click here.

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