Our 2019 Commusoft Wrap-up!

Kafui Mortty

The time is finally upon us. It's been a great year for all of us here at Commusoft and we hope all of you have had an equally enjoyable 2019. As 2020 speeds towards us, we figured we'd have a little roundup of the past 12 months to have a look at some trends, news and generally do some reminiscing! ⏰📆

Memory lane

We've got stats, we've got updates and we've got some some general end-of-year summaries for you all to sink your teeth into, so let's take a quick stroll together...

Most popular blogs

We can start with our most popular blog posts from the last year. Lots of our customers find our product and business blogs to be extremely useful resources to be kept in the loop with regards to software updates, as well as hubs of information to help you guys expand and improve your workflows. Based off readership and feedback, some of the most popular blogs from 2019 have been:

We're all looking forward to seeing what kind of content you guys get excited about next year. Please don't hesitate to contact us with ideas and suggestions of your own!

Support in 2019

We had a stellar year in client support and our client service team really raised the bar. Over 14,000 different support tickets were logged and solved this year if you can believe it; on average, a member of our team responds to a new email/support ticket within 25 minutes and we've maintained over 90% customer satisfaction throughout the year!

Client support

These support queries led to a number of updates to our Knowledge Base articles (and it's great to see how many of you take advantage of all the resources it has to offer). In turn, this led to a greater uptick in usage of the Knowledge Base, meaning that you guys are getting more and more proactive when you come across issues within the system. Here are some of the most popular Knowledge Base articles of the last year:

If you're not already taking advantage of our Knowledge Base resources, give it a go! We've got guides, tips, tricks, and techniques to help you navigate the system, streamline your workflows, and just generally turn you into a Commusoft pro. We update the entire Knowledge Base frequently, so be sure to stop by every now and then to see if we've made improvements that you can take advantage of.

New Features Galore!

From our new and improved Intelligent Scheduling feature that allows you to mass arrange events and jobs according to engineers availability, location, or skill, to our integrated Contracts module (including PPM and SLA's for certain packages) and even our Stock Control feature (not to mention the app), we've had a banner year updating and upgrading our software to make it even more comprehensive and effective.

Not all of our changes are as big as these, however, and they don't always necessitate creating a whole new feature or module. We're just as invested and adding new features to our existing modules just to make life that little bit easier for everyone. In this vein, we released changes such as the ability to drag and drop invoices onto your suppliers' pages, saving you those extra moments it normally takes to import them.

After a lot of work from our amazing tech team, we've now integrated our very own Commusoft calendar with both Google and Microsoft Outlook's calendars meaning you can seamlessly transfer events from Commusoft to your own personal calendar(s) and vice versa. We've even set up integrations with Waze and Zapier too! Waze is a great mapping tool you're probably aware of that you can use to keep track of your customers' properties, whilst Zapier provides a quick, easy way to send info from Commusoft into third-party software, meaning you can create your own complex, integrated workflows through the system.

On top of our regular blog posts promoting our various updates, this year we also threw an event that dozens of our customers came down to to hear straight from the horses mouth exactly what we'd been up to, have a look here to see what went down:


We listened to your feedback

As you are most likely aware, we recently made some changes to our diary display. We increased the size of each diary slot, meaning that you got more information presented without having to actually dive into the events themselves. These changes were based off of some recent customer feedback we'd received.

As you can see from above, this wasn't one of our more popular changes. We had a number of calls and emails from concerned customers following the update and, after hearing more about how you all felt about the changes (hence the pie charts), we ultimately reverted back to our original display (if it ain't broke, eh?).

We always value your feedback and any changes we make are done so with your interests in mind. With cases such as this one, it helps to hear your feedback quickly so we can rectify any amendments that don't go over too well, so please, keep it coming!

So, what's the plan for 2020?

Here at Commusoft, we're big fans of forward thinking and planning. Without giving too much away, it's always nice to have some indications of the stops we've planned on our road-map for the coming year.

We've got loads in store for you all to look forward to including adding even more features and tools to our Contracts module and piling on even more awesome certificates for you all to take advantage of. Plus we're officially now operating in the USA too!

We're looking forward to all your great feedback in the new year and we'll be actively engaging with you even more to hear all your thoughts. Similar to the diary review, you can expect some more questionnaires from us about/before our product updates, just to ensure we're all on the same page.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you in 2020!

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