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Commusoft revamped its branding not too long ago to a new sleeker look... and now the mobile app is following suit!

The development team has been hard at work transforming the mobile app, and building it back up from scratch to give it a much-needed facelift! Not only does the design look great but it also serves a purpose, with A few underlying performance issues having been resolved and to improve user experience. This new design will also lead the way for future developments and has helped change the old structure of the app, with a much-needed modernisation!

Why don't we have a little sneak peek at the new design!!!

Sneak peek of the new user interface!

Let's take a look at the new design for the app, so far there are 4 new screens in total and the development team will continue to remodel the rest of the app gradually until all screens adhere to the new design.

Take a look at the video below for a quick tour!

HubSpot Video

What's new?

In addition to the new great look, there is also added functionality, you may have noticed in the video the new home screen. Rather than taking your engineers straight into the diary, your engineers will be able to see how many jobs they need to accept, any parts needed to collect and where they have to travel for their first job as soon as they log into the app!

The diary screen has also had a spruce-up, allowing a much clearer view of each job and its current status! The next addition is the search screen, this is where you can search for any customer, estimate or job, helping your engineers to find the information that they need ASAP. Lastly, the my van screen allows you to see what parts you currently have in your van, as well as being able to add them from other stock locations.

There is much more to find out about the new design and layout, look out for the next blog for when the update is available!

When will I be able to use the new design?

The update should be available in the coming weeks. You will be alerted with an additional blog with more detail about the great new additions and changes to the app! 

Apple products will require iOS 12 as a minimum to update the app. For Android, the operating system will not need updating. For more information check out the knowledge base guide on minimum requirements for running Commusoft.

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