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Kafui Mortty

We always try and keep an extensive library of certificates available for you and your engineers to choose from. We update this list on a regular basis, going off industry standards, recommended practices, government recommendations and customer feedback...

The Service & Maintenance Checklist...

This certificate can be used to record the finding and checks carried out during the service or maintenance of a gas appliance. 

What you guys do at the moment...

As it stands, the certificate, like most others, is filled out from your iOS or Android device quickly and easily by choosing it from our (ever-growing) list of available certificates. After this, a PDF is generated and sent over to your customer either via email or just through the post, it's also available for you to view and print for your records of course.

There were a handful of improvements that customers have given feedback on and after speaking with a number of other clients more changes have been identified. That we have now implemented by effectively recreating the certificate from scratch!

  • Now, the ‘Next service date’ will appear only if the ‘Type of job’ has been set to ‘Service’; this helps to clarify what exactly has taken place.
  • We’ve rearranged the structure of the certificate by moving our ‘additional comments’ section too to make them easier to spot.
  • We have also included new sections for an ‘expansion vessel’ as well as a ’flue integrity test’ following some feedback from you guys.
  • We've even added high and low analyser readings for the CO, CO2, CO/CO2 ratios.

You'll notice these and a number of other changes that we've added to the certificate itself...

Are you using our Certificates at the moment?

graphic_commusoft_lightbulb-02With Commusoft's certificates you can collect digital signatures straight from the app, allowing your staff to quickly sign off their work and be 100% compliant. Plus, you can easily email a PDF copy to any relevant stakeholders within moments of completing a certificate through Commusoft.

Our PDF certificates can also be customised to reflect your business's branding. Choose the colour scheme and add your company logo for a professional look and to make your company's service more memorable. Learn how to do that here.

If you have a request for a type of certificate, but know that it's uncommon or exclusive to your own business, you're in luck. We can develop it for you as part of our professional services. See our Custom Certificate offerings here.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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