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The ability to stay up to date with prices is now more important than ever. Being able to see what you will be charged, at the time you raise a purchase order could mean the difference between making a profit or suffering a financial loss. Companies who have both an account with City Plumbing, and use the Commusoft platform are now able to do this.  

You can check live pricing from within the Commusoft purchase order module and place those purchase orders via email. Giving you certainty and peace of mind that you know the costs of the materials on any job.

This integration is available on the Go Paperless plan, Paperless Office plan, and above. If you want to explore the use this of integration, book a call with the Sales Team through the CommuBot here.

In addition, for this integration to work, you will need to make sure that the parts that you have uploaded into Commusoft also have supplier product codes (from City Plumbing) saved against them.

There are a number of ways that you can do this and for more information, click to view the following article: "Improved Parts Search".

How to set up the integration

The set-up process for City Plumbing differs from other suppliers, please see our Knowledge-base guide on the City Plumbing integration to set up this integration.

Additional Information 

The City Plumbing integration will not support the ‘deliver to office’ method of delivery. If you select this when creating a PO then the PO will fail and you will receive an email stating so.


Live pricing

Live pricing allows you to see the real-time prices of the parts you want to order from your suppliers. This will help to remove any ambiguity in the way Commusoft generates the cost price on purchase orders.

When adding a part into your PO you will see the price in the 'Unit cost' column changing from what you had previously saved, to the current live price. Lives prices will be indicated by a coloured star (as below).

Green star live price

A green star indicates that this is a live price.  If you see a green, yellow or red clock icon, this means the price isn't 'live' (coming from the City Plumbing integration) and in fact is coming from the stored value in system settings. 

Want to use this feature?

This feature will be available for clients who are on the Go Paperless plan, Paperless Office plan, or above. If you are not eligible but would like to use this feature, book a call with our sales team here

If you are on the Paperless Office plan or want more information on how to set it up then contact support: Alternatively, you can read our knowledge-base guide on the City Plumbing integration.

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