Certificates now support the fire and security industry

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We know that there are a multitude of certificates used in all sorts of industries that Commusoft isn't yet supporting. This is a fact that’s been disappointing to us because we truly believe it’s something that we do better than any other job management system and can make a big difference in the day-to-day running of a modern field service business. Today we are happy to share that we can now support the fire and security industry with certificates.

Fire and security certificates

We took it upon ourselves to design a whole new way for our team to generate certificates for you to use in Commusoft. Now, we can produce new certificate templates in a much more efficient way. As a result, we’ve been busy building certificates for an industry that we have long been wanting to support.

The Domestic Fire Alarm Certificate is now available for use in Commusoft.

Fire certificates overview

The fire and security industry can now take advantage of the benefits of electronic certificates.

  • Paper certificates need to be copied and physically sent to your customer. We understand that you just don't have time for that. Fire and security companies can now complete digital certificates using Commusoft and PDF copies can be instantly emailed from any location.
  • There’s no need to manually copy over all your customers' personal details to a fire and security certificate. The comprehensive customer database will automatically fill in all the already known information for you.
  • With Commusoft, even small fire and security businesses can look well-established and professional thanks to certificate templates branded with your company colours and logos

If you offer fire and security services and would like to begin using these certificates, but don’t yet see them in your certificate list in the app, please get in touch with client services by emailing support@commusoft.co.uk. They’ll be able to make these certificates available to you and add an indicator to your account to show you work in the fire and security industry.

If you have any feature suggestions or have an idea for a new certificate, please let us know here. We're always making updates to the system and often get some of our best ideas thanks to you guys!

If you have a request for a certificate but know that it's uncommon or exclusive to your business, you're in luck. We can develop a Custom Certificate for you as part of professional services. Just get in touch with support to discuss your needs.

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