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Earlier this year, we announced we would be removing the contact name and telephone number from the job address shown on certificates in Commusoft.

We'd now like to inform you that this has been fully implemented and applies to all current certificates and any new certificates going forward.

Before we decided to make this change we surveyed many clients - who responded overwhelmingly in favour of the modification. To read more about the survey and implications for this update, see our previous blog - alternatively, check out a summary below.

What has changed?

We have removed the Job Address name and telephone number - the property address itself remains. This makes certificates more compliant with GDPR.

Previously, a tenant's name and phone number was displayed on the certificate with the job address. If that tenant were to move out of the property, the next tenant would be able to access the previous tenant's personal details (without permission) via the certificate. This can be problematic for GDPR.

Please note the following:

  • This change is designed to improve GDPR compliance.
  • Certificates apply to the property (or appliance within), not the tenant, so there is no legal issue by removing this information (we consulted Gas Safe regarding this). 
  • Landlord and private customer details are still displayed in full.
  • Regardless of this change, the name of whoever approves the certificate can be displayed alongside their signature.

See below for an example of how the job address has changed.

Old format:

Tenant before

New format:

Tenant after

That's all folks! Want to know more about certificates in Commusoft? Check out our Managing Certificates Webinar below.

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