Add your Commusoft invoice categories to Xero records

Lauren Burgess

Getting your invoices organised is just one of the many benefits of using Commusoft’s job management software. With so many customers and so many different types of job, it’s all too easy to get invoices mixed up and lose track of payments as a result.

One of the ways we help you organise this aspect of your business is to provide the option of designating invoice categories. You can categorise in any way you like; perhaps you like to separate them up depending on the type of job, like installations or maintenance. Another way would be to categorise them based on the engineer or user group that performed the work being invoiced for — whichever makes the most sense for your business.

Up until now, one of the issues many of our clients have run into is that when sending invoices to their Xero accounting software, invoice categories are removed and all the careful organisation is erased. We’ve been hard at work and have made a change that means your invoices retain their categories when viewing them through Xero.

Not had a chance to set up invoice categories yet? Don’t worry, it’s easy to create them and you can even go back and edit sent or paid invoices to add the invoice category (though bear in mind changes you make here won’t go through to Xero automatically — you’ll have to replicate them manually).

Head to system settings, scroll down to Invoicing and select “Invoice categories” on the top right. It’s then just a case of adding the categories you’d like to assign to your invoices. In the example below, I’ve added “Installation,” “Maintenance” and “Repairs.”

To assign your new categories to existing invoices, simply search for the invoice you wish to change, click through to it and select edit. On the right, you’ll see an option for assigning an invoice category. Click the drop down menu, make your selection and save it.

To ensure Xero picks up your categories for all new invoices on their end, there’s a couple of things you need to do.

Head over to Xero and go into your Settings. Select General settings, then “Tracking” under the Reports subheading on the right.

Add a new tracking category. You should use a name that describes the categories you’ve created in Commusoft. I chose “Job type” and added my three categories. Once saved, it should appear on your Tracking page as below:

You now need to link your categories in Xero and Commusoft together, so the applications can recognise that they’re the same. Head back to Commusoft and go into your invoice categories. Click edit next to the category name, choose the same category from the “Third party reference” drop down menu and save.

Now, when you send over new invoices to Xero, you’ll see the invoice category under the name you assigned.

It's as simple as that. If you like this new feature, let us know in a review on Capterra, we love hearing your feedback!

As always, if you have any feature suggestions please pop them over to us here, and if you're having any problems with the software get in touch with the support team at and they'll be happy to help you.

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