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We were aware that several Commusoft users were looking for a better way to manage communication preferences for their contacts. We've been listening and are pleased to say that we've built exactly that, giving you the ability to set defaults and bulk edit communication preferences across Commusoft.

This gives you better control of communications with your customers and work addresses, easily changing preferences as needed to make sure contacts receive SMS, emails, and letters from your business.

A new settings page

In System Settings you will now see a new setting called 'Communication preference'.

Communication preference system setting

Set default preferences

For customers and work addresses

On the 'Communication preference' setting screen you are able to set the default communication preference for newly created customers and work addresses. You can select from phone call, SMS, email, and letter. How do you like to communicate with your clients?

Set default communication preference

Please note that this does not impact existing customers and work addresses, only those that are newly created.

No contact details = no preference

If you set the default preference to include SMS, for example, but a newly added customer has no mobile phone number saved against them, then the customer's preference will not be set for SMS.

Essentially, it's impossible for a customer or work address to have a communication preference without the required contact details for that preference. You can't send an SMS to someone without knowing their mobile number!

This means if you return to a customer to add a mobile phone number, you will then need to manually set the communication preference to include SMS at the same time. Alternatively, you can update several customers at once with the new bulk edit tool. 

Bulk edit communication preferences

We know that many of you have thousands of customers and work addresses in your Commusoft account, so a way to bulk edit communication preferences would save on admin time.

With this new tool, you can add or remove communication preferences from all of your contacts in one go. You can also use the filters to find and bulk edit select groups of customers or work addresses, giving you more control over your communications.

In the 'Advanced options' tab, click either 'View customers' or 'View work addresses' to access the corresponding bulk edit tool. These are edited separately, but the feature works in the same way!

You will see a page similar to the one below, showing a filterable list of all your customers or work addresses, alongside a purple 'Change communication preferences' button.

Bulk editing customer communications

To get started bulk editing communication preferences, follow the steps below:

1. Apply any filters or searches until you are happy with the list to be edited. The current communication preferences are shown alongside the contact's name.

2. Double check the list (there is no undo button!). Note: only 10 records are displayed per page, however, there may be many pages, all of which will be included in any bulk editing.

3. Once the list is ready, click the 'Change communication preferences' button at the top right. A window will pop up for you to select the preferences you wish to apply or remove.

Edit communication preferences window

4. You can choose to include or exclude communication preferences. By including a preference, you will add it to all the contacts in the list. Excluding removes the preference. You can both include and exclude different preferences in one bulk edit, e.g. add SMS, but remove email.

5. Tick the desired boxes and click 'Save'. If you are editing less than 15 records, your changes will be made straight away. If you are editing more than 15, the system will complete this process in the background and send a notification (like below) once complete.

Communication preference updates notification

6. Remember, if a customer or work address does not have the required contact details, their preference can't be updated.

7. Contacts need to have at least 1 communication preference, as there has to be some method of communicating with them. For example, if a customer only has the 'Letter' preference and you try to remove it using the bulk editor, it will not succeed. When editing less than 15 records, a pop-up will inform you of this. For more than 15 records, this will be shown in the notification and a list of those who could not be changed will be provided.

Cannot update contacts pop up

That covers how to bulk edit communication preferences within Commusoft. Whether you're bulk editing customers or work addresses, just follow the steps and tips above or check out the knowledge base video. 👍

You can also set defaults and bulk edit after-sales care preferences - check that out here. It's especially helpful if you are looking to implement our after-sales care portal.

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