Bcc an email address into all emails sent through Commusoft

Lauren Burgess

Emailing through Commusoft is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and means you don’t have to manage a separate system for communicating essential information. In addition, the ability to automate emails is incredibly helpful for staying organised, demonstrating your professionalism and increasing the chances of return business — without you having to put in additional office hours.

One of the top complaints we hear from field service business office staff is that they don’t feel as though they’re making the best use of their time. Commusoft helps free them up to spend more time on activities that provide the biggest return on investment.

The one downside of automated emails is that it’s easy to lose track of exactly when an individual email has gone out. For example, you might have service reminders going out every six months to a particular customer, but it’s likely that you’ll forget when the next send rolls around. Our latest update means that you can BCC yourself (or whichever staff member is most appropriate) into every email you send through Commusoft, meaning you’ll always know which customers have received their service reminders, invoices and more. You can then make an informed decision about future contact.

If you’d like to take advantage of this new feature, navigate to your system settings and select ‘BCC emails’ from the General settings section as shown below.

BCC emails setting 

Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll be shown a box where you can enter the email address that you would like BCC’d in on emails. If you would like to BCC multiple contacts, simply separate the addresses with commas.

This is a great time to remind you that if you haven’t yet set up your SMTP, there’s no time like the present. Setting this up is what ensures your emails are functioning as intended. Follow the instructions in this blog to set up your SMTP, or if you'd like someone to talk you through it, sign up to the webinar by clicking on the image below.

We're happy to announce that this update was one suggested by a Commusoft client. (Best clients in the world, not that you didn't already know.) So a big thank you to Abacus Flame Ltd for requesting this! 

If you would like to suggest any new features or updates, you can do so through this link. We're always happy to hear your ideas and take every one into careful consideration.

If you just fancy a chat, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook. And as always, if you have any problems, don't hesitate to get in touch with support@commusoft.co.uk.

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