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Almost all of our clients use service reminders. They are critical to most field service businesses, as they help to generate regular income and build a relationship with customers. When we were looking to rebuild this critical feature, we wanted to look at what problems our clients were having. We wanted to keep the reminder system simple, whilst at the same time reducing the administrative burden of managing service reminders.

We realised there were a few key things that were taking up a lot of time.

Remembering to send the reminders in the first place

We’re all busy, but we found that even though sending reminders generated business for clients, we often found small companies were simply forgetting or putting off sending them. This was often because there was no specific person responsible for doing this - office staff get busy and forget, and owners/managers are too focused on managing engineers and day-to-day work that they also forget.

This was a serious shame as small businesses shouldn’t be wasting any opportunity, especially one that will generate work and keep their brand in their customers' minds for when larger jobs come along.

Therefore, our first task was to automate the process. We wanted to automatically send service reminders directly to customers.
Service reminder notifications for small business

In the previous system, Commusoft required you to access the reminders section and click to send the reminders. That’s all changed. Now all you have to do is sit back and let the system do the hard work. 2 weeks before the service is due, Commusoft will automatically send service reminders to customers via SMS, email, or letter. When you login in the morning, you’ll have a notification waiting for you informing you how many SMS, emails, or letters have been sent. It’s as simple as that. The letter PDF is attached to the notification, so all you need to do is hit print.

Now onto the second problem - printing is a waste of your time. If you’re lucky enough to already be emailing most of your service reminders - great! - you’re not wasting paper and time spent stuffing envelopes. However, you'll likely find you still have some letters to send, particularly for customers who require paper copies.

We have extended our print and post service to include service reminders. This fantastic improvement means we’ll now print and post your service letters for you, via a leading mail management company. That means no printing, no envelopes, no stuffing envelopes and no more stamps to clutter up your office and steal your time. Commusoft will send you the normal notification, but instead of attaching a PDF, we’ll simply inform you that we’ve successfully posted the letters for you.

Now there is no excuse to not send your reminders, complete more jobs, and build better relationships with your customers.

Not already using Commusoft? Learn all about it here:

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After making office staff's lives easier, we moved onto helping electrical companies

Whilst Commusoft has always offered service reminders, they have previously all been yearly reminders, for things like boiler services and gas safety certificates. After speaking to a number of clients, we realised that electrical companies were crying out for a similar solution, but instead of yearly reminders they needed 6-monthly and 2-yearly reminders.

Choosing a service period for service reminders in Commusoft

Therefore, we have introduced a number of new options when sending service reminders. You can send monthly, 2-monthly, 3-monthly, quarterly, 5-monthly, 6-monthly, yearly, 2-yearly, 3-yearly, 4-yearly, 5-yearly, 6-yearly, and even 10-yearly reminders. Commusoft handles them in exactly the same way, so all your office team need to worry about is logging into Commusoft in the morning to see what has been sent.

When you want to provide that personal touch: phone reminders are all part of Commusofts’ service reminder software system

We love to chat to clients, learn about how they’re running their business and what problems they’re experiencing. We realised that a number of clients didn’t want to send SMS, emails, or letters, as they were focused on a high level customer experience. To win those service jobs, they felt the most effective way of reminding customers was to ring them personally.service_reminder_calls.png

Commusoft offers the ability to track phone calls. You can designate a customer to receive a phone call service reminder instead of (or as well as) an SMS, email, or letter. Commusoft will then display a list of phone calls you need to make and provide you with tools to make managing this process easy.

With this system, you can stay on top of which customers need calling and when, ensuring you offer a timely and personal touch.

Contacting work addresses (tenants) and arranging access to the property

Arranging access to a tenant property can be frustrating. Emailing, ringing, or writing letters to work addresses (tenants) is a huge burden on the office. Thankfully Commusoft have automated this process too!

Choosing the access method for a job in Commusoft

Once you’ve had confirmation from the landlord/ estate agent, it’s time to contact the work address (tenant) to book a time for the job. Simply mark the service as authorised and Commusoft will send an SMS, email, or letter regarding the job. Commusoft can then send follow-up chaser communications if they don’t respond/ contact you to book in the job. If after ten days (this is fully customisable) they don’t reply, an automated email can be sent to the landlord/ agent to inform them.

This simple, automated process reduces administration burden and frees up your team to work on building and improving customer relationships.

That covers the basics of our powerful service reminders feature for field service businesses. Want help writing service reminders?

Free Service Reminders Template:
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