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Font size changed to 12pt across the system

We've made a change to the default font size to 12pt (up from 10.5pt).  

Faster access to engineer feedback reduces clicks and makes managing jobs easier

We know a number of clients have wanted a quicker way to view engineer feedback, so we've made a simple...

PDFs, letterheads and print and post all get a massive upgrade

Every business deserves amazing looking paperwork.  This includes not just how it looks on screen, but how it...

Checking for duplicate customers will help keep your data tidy

What a week.  This is the second important change we've made to help you get more done.

Another major update helping field service businesses be more successful

Hide the grand total on estimates We hear you loud and clear. You wanted to be able to hide the total of all the...

Saved reporting helps you get to the information you need faster

Saved reporting is a brand new feature to Commusoft and was launched today.  It's designed to help users get to...

Rebook a job from your iOS mobile device

Rebook jobs from your iOS mobile device in few clicks!

Office tasks is live on iOS devices

Office tasks is a task list for office staff which allows both office staff and engineers to create office tasks...

Manage parts and create custom forms on iOS

This week we're pleased to announce a fantastic setup of new features along with a number of bug fixes on iPhone...

A week of client feedback in estimates, reporting and costing

Stopping you from forgetting to hit save! A number of clients have reported that they continually forget to click...

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