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GDPR - What Commusoft are doing to support your business

As you know, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching and if you've not started working...

Service windows make communicating with customers easier

Service windows allow your business to book in an appointment at a particular time—for example 9:00 - 10:00—whilst...

New dashboard widgets let you visualise debtors and marketing

Information is king and with an ever increasing set of dashboard widgets, it's never been easier to analyse the...

Office tasks made easier to access

We've heard clients loud and clear. Office tasks are incredibly powerful, but accessing them via a report was too...

A huge release to reporting that'll get your week off to a great start

This week we've been hard at work building some impressive new features into our reporting system.

Using Commusoft version 3 and want to check out Commusoft version 4?

Commusoft released version 4 last May.  It's been out now nearly a year and we're keen to let you know what's been...

Dashboard reporting makes analysing your business a lot easier

It’s been a few weeks since we updated the product blog.  While this may seem like we’ve not been releasing any...

Commusoft status page is launched

Commusoft silently launched https://status.commusoft.co.uk a few weeks ago.  A simple web page that shows the...

iOS release drawing over images

Ever wanted to take a photo and highlight something on the photo? Maybe draw an arrow or circle something?

A release a day keeps the doctor away - small enhancements and bug fixes

We've released version which brings with it a host of bug fixes and minor improvements to help things...

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