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We have just introduced the ability to archive parts within Commusoft. This means that you can tidy up your parts lists by archiving parts that are no longer used, whilst still keeping a record for reporting.

Removing unwanted parts

We understand that many of you may use a certain part only once for a bespoke job and then never again. Until now, that part stuck around in your parts list and was present every time an engineer searched for a part. It was a little messy and could result in many more parts than needed being stored.

Whilst you can already delete a part in Commusoft, this was only if the part had not been used against a job. Archiving is for parts that have already been used within the system. The difference with archiving is that the part will be removed from part lists and part kits (so can't be added to a job), but a record of it will still remain for the purpose of reporting and work history. This is the best of both worlds - tidy parts lists and reduced part numbers, whilst keeping the part history.

Don't archive parts you may want to use!

You may find yourself on a tidying spree, archiving all those parts that you previously couldn't - however, be careful not to archive parts that you may wish to use in the future. Whilst you can re-add a part manually, you will need to add all the details again, and it will  require a new unique name. That's right, a new part cannot have the same name as an archived part - that would make tracking part history very difficult. So make sure you only archive parts that you really don't (and won't) need.

How to archive a part

Archiving parts is easy. Head over to system settings and to the 'Parts and prices' page.

Parts and prices system settings

This is the page where you can add and mange all of the parts in your system. In the 'Exiting parts' section on the right, you can search for the part you wish to archive. Next, click the 'Delete' button for that part.

Adding and removing parts in Commusoft

If the part has not yet been used in the system it will be deleted. If the part has already been assigned to a job or ordered, you will only be able to archive the part and you will see the message below.

archive part confirmation

Once this is complete, the part will be removed from the parts list, any part kits, estimate parts, and reorder lists. A record will still exist against jobs where the part has previously been used and for reporting purposes. Additionally, if you use our stock control system, you will be able to use the general search bar to find any part (including archived ones) and to view their usage history.

"You can't archive that part"

You may get a message telling you that you cannot archive a certain part. This is because the part is actively being used or is currently in stock (if you use stock control). To archive this part you will need to finalise any active instances of it to a returned or installed status and remove it from any stock locations.

We hope you find this feature useful and can use it to remove any of those lingering parts that you haven't needed in years. 👍

Speaking of parts and managing stock - have you watched the stock control webinar yet?


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