Another major update helping field service businesses be more successful

Jason Morjaria
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Hide the grand total on estimates

We hear you loud and clear. You wanted to be able to hide the total of all the options on the estimate PDF and now you can.



When viewing the different options, simply select whether you want to show or hide the total on the estimate PDF.


Parts move into their own tab

We've been working a lot recently on our parts system.  Major improvements to the mobile applications and now the web.  

This release brings all parts used on a job under a single tab on the job screen.

This change makes using parts significantly easier as we've streamlined the user experience, making the filters work more naturally and giving you more information on a single view.


Not only that but we've included a handy search bar so if you're dealing with hundreds of parts its easy to find what you're looking for.


We've also added the number of parts in the tab so any user opening the job will instantly be able to see that there are parts associated to the job.

What's more you can then add your parts straight onto your invoice.


We love to squash bugs. This release is no different with 30+ bugs irradicated.

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