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Our Android widget has been available for several months, but never got the blog treatment, so it's possible you may have not yet heard about this nifty feature! If you haven't, keep reading to learn how you can set yourself up with our helpful widget for Android phones.

Android widget

A quick view of Commusoft

Widgets are extensions to an application, allowing you to quickly access information without having to open the main application - in this case, Commusoft. You can add a widget to any of your Android home screens and position and size as you like - take up half a page alongside some apps or have an entire page dedicated to the Commusoft widget.

The Commusoft widget offers a view of your diary for the day, so you can easily see what you have coming up.

You can scroll up and down the diary to see what's on later in the day, plus click an event to open the job in Commusoft. It's as easy as that!

Android widget

How to set up

You don't need to do anything in Commusoft for the widget to work, simply have the app installed on an Android device and follow the steps below.

The set up process may vary across different versions of Android, however, generally speaking you should be able to:

1. Touch and hold on a home screen until the customisation options appear.

2. Select 'Widgets' and find the Commusoft widget.

3. Drag the widget to the location you want it.Android widget - add

4. You can move the widget around the home screen or drag the sides to change the sizing.

Android widget - resize

5. Click the home icon to exit the customisation options.

Android widget

That's it! You should now be able to move around your phone's pages and the widget will stay in place, providing you with information and easy access to your jobs.

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