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After listening to client feedback, we have now introduced two custom forms updates for the web app: the ability to add and edit custom forms. Custom forms are an excellent feature to utilise, allowing you to create digital custom forms perfect for any situation and are available on our Go Paperless plan and above. For more information on custom forms click here.

These changes will provide office staff with the option to edit previously completed custom forms or add new ones as needed, giving more flexibility and helping you keep your forms organised and accurate. Please note, this functionality only applies to forms created and available through the custom forms feature.

Custom forms are available on Commusoft's Go Paperless plan. To learn more about upgrading from other plans (including the Paperless Office Plan), please book a call with the sales team.

Edit via web

You will now be able to edit any completed custom forms via the Commusoft web app. Please note, you will not be able to edit any certificates (such as the industry-standard certificates Commusoft provides), this only applies to the custom forms feature. We've added this functionality to allow you greater flexibility and the opportunity to adapt your completed forms when needed. This can be useful for adding missed information, undoing any mistakes, or correcting typos, and will help keep your documents looking clean and professional. This functionality is only available on the web, and will not be available via the mobile app

** Best practice: we strongly advise you do not edit any forms that your customers have already signed **

How to edit a custom form

To edit a custom form all you need to do is navigate to the job that the form has been completed for, select the certificates tab, which will then show a list of any certificates or forms that have been created. Click the small cross icon on the specific form record and then click 'Edit form'. You can now go through the different pages of the custom form and edit any information you want. Make sure to click ‘Save and complete’ to finalise your edits.

Custom form edit (cut)

What if you need to include extra information in the form such as your engineer’s NICEIC or Gas Safe number? To do this you can add new sections into the forms, rather than having to clone a form and redo the whole process. For this to work you will need to update both the custom form and the word doc template associated with it, before following the same process as above.

Any edited forms will show a record of when it was last updated, please note, however, there is no log showing what was edited. To see the ‘Last updated’ column, you may need to click on the pencil icon to customise which columns are displayed.

Screenshot 2021-07-14 124452

Completing custom forms on the web

In addition to editing existing custom forms, new forms can now be filled in and completed on the web too, allowing more fluidity for you and your workforce. For example, your office staff could now complete custom forms on jobs that engineers may have not had time for. Additionally, as custom forms can be created for any purpose you require, you may have forms specifically designed for office staff to complete.

To fill in a form on the web, navigate to the job that the form should be associated with and click on the ‘Certificates’ tab. Then simply click the 'Add new form' button. Select the type of custom form you want to add and then proceed through the pages and fill in the data. Once finished, you will then be able to send this completed form to your customers as normal.

Please note, only custom forms can be added on the web. Industry-standard certificates that Commusoft provide can only be added via the mobile app whilst at the job.

Not using custom forms yet?

All of these updates apply to Commusoft's custom form feature, which is available on our Go Paperless plan. To learn more about upgrading to the Go Paperless plan and utilising this brilliant feature, you can book a call with the sales team here.


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