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Lauren Burgess

There are a variety of reasons you might need to give an invoice a unique number. Perhaps it’s related to another job and you would like to use a similar number, or perhaps you’ve made a change and would now like to group your invoice numbers with particular codes (eg: all boiler installations start with 11.)

Until now, Commusoft has allowed you to use non-sequential invoice numbers assuming that they have not been used before and that it was a higher number than any of the ones you had used previously. If you don’t turn on the option for manual invoice numbers, it will go up sequentially from the number you picked during the initial setup. For many of our clients, this is our suggested figure of 1000.

With our new update, you can use any unique number you like. The only thing we do request is that you keep the numbers under 20 figures (it tends to get a bit messy past that!)

To turn this aspect of the feature on, navigate to your system settings from the web app and select “Invoice numbers”. If your invoice numbers are sequential and automatically assigned, you should see the below screen:

Sequential invoice numbers

Select “Manual invoice numbers” and save the setting.

Manual invoice numbers setting

When you return to a job to raise an invoice, you will see a blank space next to “Invoice number” where you can input your chosen figure.

Invoice with manual invoice numbers

It’s as simple as that!

Like so many of our feature updates, the ability to add unique invoice numbers manually was requested by our clients, so a big thank you to everyone who asked for this.

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