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Commusoft can now integrate directly into Outlook to bring you up-to-date and relevant job information where you need it most. This free integration helps you respond to customers faster and save office staff from spending their time searching for customer details and job information.

Don't use Outlook? We will very soon be releasing an integration for Gmail as well, look out for a blog post when it's available.

As with our other integrations the Outlook integration is available for everyone on the Small Business plan and above.

Customer information available where you need it the most

How many emails have you received from a customer requesting an update on an ongoing job? Or perhaps a follow-up to a previously completed job? Now, with our new email integrations, you can access customer and job information within seconds of receiving an email - no searching required. It's like a little Commusoft system operating straight from within Outlook, whose one job is to display relevant information about who is emailing you - and we are confident it's going to do a great job!

Please note, this integration allows you to access Commusoft from within your Outlook inbox, it does not provide access to your Outlook emails from within Commusoft.

Check out the email below being viewed in Outlook. As you can see, there is a small Commusoft logo on the right-hand side of the screen, this is because the user has installed our Commusoft add-in. (Scroll to the end of this post to check out the install instructions.)

outlook email crop

Clicking the Commusoft logo presents you with a side panel of relevant information. Here you can see the customer's contact details, any ongoing jobs or estimates, their work history and any outstanding debt.

Outlook customer detail crop

In the example above, office staff could quickly reply within seconds without having to leave the inbox.

"I can confirm that our engineer, Paul, will be installing a new boiler at 24 Carrot Drive, Hatfield, AL10 0AU on Thursday 26th of July at 2:00pm"

If you need further details regarding the customer or job, you can simply click "View in Commusoft" to view the customer or click the job number to view the job. It's as easy as that. This will open up Commusoft in a new tab or window and display the requested page, without any searching.

Quickly see customer debt

If a customer has unpaid debts, these will show in the customer's details. You can see in the example below that the customer owes £590, shown by the red box. By checking the work history section, you can trace this debt to an invoice for a boiler installation on the 23rd of July. By providing quick insight to a customer's debt at the point of contact, staff can easily remember who owes what and choose to respond accordingly.

Outlook customer debt

For example, based on the email above the response may state that you are happy to assist, but also remind the customer that they still need to pay their invoice, or perhaps tell them that no further jobs will be booked until the invoice is paid.

Add jobs straight from email

The Outlook email integration has the capability to create jobs directly from the add-in. Simply click "Add job" and enter the details as you would within Commusoft. When an email exchange turns into a booking, this means you can swiftly log that job into your job management software.

outlook add job crop

Once you add a job, you have the option to book the job into the diary, doing so will take you to the diary in Commusoft (in a separate window or tab) where you can complete the booking. 

What about new customers?

The add-in works by looking for a matching email address within your Commusoft account. Therefore, if you receive an email from someone who is not in your database (e.g. a new customer), the add-in will not be able to display any information as none exists. In these cases, you will see a message like below.


If an existing customer were to email you from a new or different email address (which is not saved in Commusoft), the add-in would not be able to match this email to the customer, so would display this message. To rectify this you would need to add the new email address to the corresponding customer record in Commusoft.

How do I install this add-in?

To get started with the free add-in you can head over to the Outlook add-in marketplace or alternatively, go to your Outlook email account and click on the settings cog in the top bar, followed by 'Manage add-ins'.

outlook settings

Once you arrive at the add-in marketplace, use the search bar and search for 'Commusoft'. Choose 'Commusoft Office365 addon for emailfrom the search results. On the add-in page, click 'GET IT NOW' on the left of the screen to install.

outlook add on

You'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the email address that you will be installing the add-in for. Once you click 'Continue', the install will be complete.

Install add-in for Outlook desktop

Our Outlook add-in works for both the web version of Outlook and the desktop version for PC and Mac. To get started with the desktop version, click the 'Store' button in the menu and continue to follow the steps outlined above.

Outlook desktop

Once installed, the integration will work in the exact same way, simply click the Commusoft logo to display customer details.


Please note, Microsoft only allow add-ins to work on the desktop version of Outlook for Office 365 users. Unfortunately, if you use Outlook desktop with a Gmail or other non-Outlook 365 email, Microsoft will not display the store button to you or allow you to install add-ins. If you have this issue, you will need to contact Microsoft for support.

Connecting your Commusoft account

Now, back within your Outlook inbox, you should be able to see the Commusoft logo in the right hand corner when viewing an email (if you don't, revisit the previous steps to ensure you have successfully installed the add-in).

You will need to login to your Commusoft account before you can access any of the information stored within Commusoft. To do this, click the Commusoft logo to open the add-in side panel. You should see the sign in page, where you can sign in with your usual Commusoft ID, username, and password.

outlook log in

Once you've done this, your account is connected and you should be able to see customer and job details when viewing a customer's email.

Don't see the sign in page?

If you open the add-in and do not see the sign in page above, but instead see a screen saying "Email address doesn't exist in Commusoft" - all you need to do is click the small blue icon of an arrow pointing to the right. This is the sign out button, which will return you to the sign in page where you should now be able to connect your account.

Access denied

If you are attempting to sign in and get the message "You don't have the permissions to use this feature. Please talk to Commusoft for getting access to this feature", please give support an email at or if you have phone support, give us a call and we can make sure this feature is set up correctly.

Thanks for checking out our Outlook integration, if you're looking for our Gmail integration - that will be available soon.

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