A week of client feedback in estimates, reporting and costing

Jason Morjaria
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Stopping you from forgetting to hit save!
A number of clients have reported that they continually forget to click save when filling in an estimate on the PC.  This obviously means they lose all the information they typed in. We wanted to improve the user experience of this and save you the potential frustrating of losing data!Estimate-text-warning.pngNow, when you click away (on the left navigation on the estimate) the software will warn you about clicking save.


We're now ordering the time sheet report by date and start time (travel time).  This should make it much easier managing engineers time sheets and tracking things like overtime.

Cost tab on the job

We're now updating the cost tab information based on changes that occurr between the purchase order and supplier invoice. 

Font size on PDFs

We've changed the font of all PDF documents from 11pt to 12pt to better help businesses stay inline with industry standards. 


We've also moved the 'Properties without service reminders' to all clients.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • We've fixed a bug in the total costs section on jobs that mis-matched under certain circumstances
  • We've now made it so if you delete a supplier invoice linked to a PO, the PO will change status back to incomplete
  • The profit by job report was duplicating payment information when it came through a PO
  • We've resolved an issue where the credit note value was showing incorrectly on the invoice tab
  • We resolved an issue where you couldn't mark £0.01 against a supplier invoice
  • We've increased the text limit of office tasks from 255 to infinite characters
  • We've fixed an issue where changing the 'Title' on the primary contact from within the contacts tab didn't update the invoice address displayed on the invoice PDF

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