A brand new parent address filter

Lauren Burgess

Customers with lots of work addresses or tenant properties can quickly become difficult to navigate when exploring the accumulative work history. A prolific estate agent can easily find themselves managing a hundred properties each with unique needs and works done, most often by having an optimised database. Whilst you can easily use the work address page to view these tenant addresses and look up their details, it can be difficult to locate works done on the parent property itself.

Say your estate agency had a leaky pipe a couple weeks back and you want to double check that the invoice was delivered. There are a few different ways that you could find this information, but you may instinctively try to locate it from the customer’s profile. Up until now, documents and data regarding that particular job would have been buried in a list of every actions performed for not just the agency, but every property they manage.

We appreciate that hunting for vital information can be frustrating and time-consuming, which is why we’ve introduced a brand new filter to the customer page. Now, by simply checking the box shown in the image below (hovering over it will display the message in the black box), you can filter out any works performed on work addresses and leave behind only those relevant to the parent customer.

filtered history to show parent properties only.png

When a list of 200 becomes five, that leaky pipe invoice is a breeze to locate!

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