7 things to know about Commusoft app for Android

Marine Klein
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Our Android team has worked a lot this year. After building the new version they spend their free time building what I call really cool features... Let me know what you think! 

Voice search comes to android

Dreaming about having siri in your business? Commusoft dead it. Of course we re not powerful than Siri but we adde da cool feature to our system: Voice search comes to android. You can now speak to your phone and have it search for customers. Voice memos are fantastic way for you and your team to make complex note without sending too much time on it. You can now record a note and attach it to an estimate.



Create, complete and print certificates on site



Draw photographs like you do on snapchat

You made maybe heard about snapchat because your children are using it. No need to be jealous any more because you dont understand what is it. You can now bit them with showing them that you can do the same thing at work. Commusoft's android app now let you draw across photos, letting you annotate notes and additional information helping you and your team communicate clearly.Android-draw-over-image.jpg


Attached multiple images from your Android device

Now that your engineer took the picture of his work draw on it to show you what he changed he can send it over the office



Create invoices on site

You can create both partial or final invoices straight from site. You can choose a pre-set list of parts. Simply print or email it straight from site



Take credit card payment with SumUp 

If your struggling to keep track of payments, then taking a payment from site should help you reduce your debtors days and improve cash flow.

When the engineer completes the job on their Android phone, they can now take payment straight away using SumUp on their Commusoft app. This will allow you to receive payments for invoices upon completion, onsite!

Commusoft app connects via Bluetooth with the SumUp Card payment terminal. It’s really simple to use and will take payment in seconds!



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