9 Beneficial business tips to start 2017

Marine Klein
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With the dawn of 2017 comes a determination, a focus and a purpose that can be found waining at other times of the year.

So as part of our 12 days of Christmas series, we have pulled together a collection of posts for you to bookmark under one heading '9 beneficial business tips'.

We hope these provide you with the inspiration to make 2017 the year you push your business forward, become more organised and spend less time managing your paperwork/jobs/calendar and more time growing your customer base, your staff and your bottom line profits.

9 Beneficial business tips 

1. Never lose another customer


Our powerful search facility ensures you understand every customer regardless of how big you grow - personalised treatment through knowledge of their past and present needs with all details easily found.


2. Keep track of everyone's diary


Traffic can be horrendous out in the field and the worst case scenario is an hour's drive to find the customer has gone out. No more wasted journeys / duplicate visits with our diary system.


3. Manage engineer jobs centrally


Command and control your operation from your desktop, mobile or tablet.  Track every visit and be able to work out the profitability of each job.  


4. Draw on your smartphone - it's easy


Whether it's a tricky installation, a plan or a report better illustrated by a drawing, this facility has been very popular since its release in 2016.


5. End wasted / duplicate engineer visits

Quickly communicate with your engineers and customers from your mobile.  This feature gives you the ability to put customer service at the heart of your business without compromising your staff costs.

6. Save credit card details - speed up payment


No more paper notes (which are illegal) now you can store every customer's details on our system.  Customers love this, it speeds up payment - it ensures payment - what more can we say!

7. Create invoices on the move - improve cash flow


No more nights in the office catching up on paperwork.  Invoices can now be created on the move, coupled with the ability to take payment through the system, this is a real game changer for field management businesses.

8. Report in real time, file on the job - one less thing to worry about

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 17.26.34.png

Filter and file every customer report as it happens.  This was a much requested feature and our customers are loving it.  Another nail in the coffin for long nights of paperwork..


9. Send customer reminders - repeat business sorted


We all know it takes 10 times the effort to win a new client as keep an existing one.  Customer reminders keep your pipe-line full yet are so easy to forget when there are so many other tasks to complete - no longer is this the case!



Wherever you are on your business journey, we hope these tips inspire your growth and success.  

Let's make 2017 a year to remember.  Do bookmark this post and let us know in the comments below or via our social channels if there are any specific questions you have, any help you need or whether a call should be scheduled to talk through your individual business plans for growth and the help you need from Commusoft.

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