7 little updates iOS users will love

Lauren Burgess

With the iPhone X announcement and iOS 11 rolling out to devices last week, it’s safe to say Apple is firmly in the spotlight this September. Here at Commusoft we’ve also been working hard on iOS to improve your user experience and make the app even more valuable to engineers. These 7 mobile app updates are now live.

1. New user interface during app installation

If you’ve already got all your engineers logged in on their mobile devices, you might not see this particular update until you have a new hire. Now, when you come to log in to the Commusoft mobile app on a new iOS device, you’ll see a breakdown of everything that’s being downloaded in real time. Check out the video below to see what we mean.


2. The menu layout on iPhone now matches iPad

The ‘more’ menu on an iPad always presented itself as simple, graphic tiles that were easy to understand at a glance. We decided that the iPhone should have this clean menu interface too, so we’ve made sure your experience of the menu is identical, regardless of which mobile Apple device you’re using.

iPhone more menu.png3. A new status indicator

Planned maintenance and server issues can really throw a spanner in the works for your engineers (get it? Engineers...spanners...I’ll show myself out.) So having an easy way to check the status of Commusoft when they’re on the go is really helpful. By clicking the little target symbol on the top right hand of your iOS device, you can see if the system is operational.

iphone status online.png

If your phone is offline, in airplane mode or unable to get a signal, you’ll see a warning symbol like the one in the orange circle below. If you click it, the app will ask you to check your internet connection.

iphone status offline.png

Assuming you’re online, the target symbol will also indicate when the app is syncing with information from the office. If this is happening, it will appear as a loading symbol. Truthfully, you might never notice it syncing as it happens almost instantaneously!


4. Customer notes are available to engineers while on jobs

Up until now, notes referring to the customer were not accessible to engineers. They could only view job notes while on site. What this meant is that any customer notes the engineer would need to get the job done would have to be copied over.

This update has put customer notes and job notes alongside each other, so you can now access them from a mobile device. Warning your engineer about that giant Doberman at Mr. Thompson’s house has never been easier. Notes can be accessed via the “more” menu; check out the example in the video below to see how it will appear.



5. LPG certificates are now available

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) certificates have been available on Android for a little while, but we’ve now added the same functionality to iOS. We’re always looking to add more of the certificates that matter most for each industry, and this is just one example of that.

 iphone lpg cert.png

6. The layout of certificate emails has been improved

Being able to email pdfs of certificates to customers is a Commusoft feature that engineers love. It streamlines the process, saves time and makes your business look even more professional. We’ve tweaked the layout of certificate emails to make them cleaner and clearer.

iphone cert email-1.png

7. You can add multiple parts at a time

Adding one part at a time can really slow your engineers down if it’s a big job and a lot need to be requested or ordered. With this nifty little update, you can add multiple parts of different types at once and attach them all in one go. Got carried away and added the wrong part? No worries; simply swipe left on the part to reset the counter. A big thanks to the Huttie Group for requesting this one.

iphone adding multiple parts.png

Feel like you need a refresher on the Parts feature as a whole? You're in luck! We have a webinar taking place next Wednesday that will give you a complete walkthrough and show you all the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of this feature. Sign up by clicking the image below.

We hope you enjoy these new features and updates, but if there's something else that would really take your Commusoft experience to the next level, why not tell us about it?  We're always taking on suggestions and implementing the features that matter most to field service businesses.

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