5 UI and system improvements to Commusoft

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Next week, on the 10th of September we will be releasing a series of smaller updates that improve usability and performance of Commusoft. Outlined below are those 5 improvements - what they do and why we are making those changes. Next week will also see the release of email changes and an update to the online booking form, which we detailed on the blog in previous weeks.

Notes & communications

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The default view of the notes and communications tab is changing to the 'Timeline' view. We think this is the most logical view when reviewing communications, as you see everything in chronological order with the most recent (and usually relevant) entries presented first. If you wish to change between 'Timeline' and 'Table' view, simply click the button in the top left corner.

Portal settings

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We are removing the Engineer Profile Portal and Estimate Portal settings pages. It doesn't make sense to need to turn these features on or off - instead, when you wish to use them, simply add the corresponding tag to your SMS or email e.g. [engineer_profile_portal_url] or [estimate_portal_url]. This will remove the possibility of adding the tags into your communications, but forgetting to turn on the feature.

Exporting large PDFs

PDF iconPreviously, if Commusoft needed to generate a PDF with more than 200 pages, e.g. processing a very large amount of service reminders, the browser would timeout. Instead, multiple PDFs will now be exported. For example, if there are 250 pages, Commusoft will now export a 200 page PDF and a 50 page PDF. ensuring that the request can be handled.

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Faster service reminders

A backend update to allow service reminders to process faster.


Supplier screen performance

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Another backend update intended to help the supplier screen load more smoothly and improve performance.

If you cannot see these updates on September 10th, make sure you clear your browser's cache - this should allow you to see the latest version of Commusoft.

That's it for this week - check back regularly for new features and improvements. 👍

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