Five recent changes that improve Commusoft

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We don't always make a big fuss out of smaller changes to Commusoft. After all, we are updating the app usually every week - sometimes with major new updates like shift patterns, automated supplier invoice import, or a new iOS app. However, there are also regular minor improvements and tweaks to tools within Commusoft, so we want to make sure you hear about those too. Without further ado, here are five recent changes that you may find useful.

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Unlimited engineers displayed on the map

users iconWith our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature (available on the Paperless Office plan and above), you are able to see your engineers' locations in real time. There was previously a limit on how many users could be displayed on the map at one time - however, we understand this would be problematic
for companies with many engineers.

We have updated this limitation and are happy to say that you can now view an unlimited number of engineers at once. This ensures that you have oversight of your whole team when you need it. Please note, this only applies to the real-time view. When using the between two times feature, you can still only view one user at a time.

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Improved map quality

Map pin iconWe've updated the way in which the diary map view is encoded. This results in significant improvements to visual quality and responsiveness. On the visual side of things, you should see that the map is sharper (roads and text appear more crisp) and you can also zoom in further, displaying greater levels of detail.

In regards to responsiveness, the maps should load faster and scroll in and out more smoothly when navigating the map. Of course, a poor internet connection or low quality hardware may still result in slow loading maps.

If you spend a lot of time on the map, planning jobs or seeing where you engineers are, we hope you find this change improves your day-to-day experience. Check out the difference in this GIF.

Map quality before and after

QuickBooks Online integration update

Pencil iconFor those using our QuickBooks Online integration, you may have found that longer customer names were not accepted or able to be sent over to QuickBooks. We've managed to rework the way we handle name fields for QuickBooks Online, allowing for a higher number of characters to be used. There is still a character limit, however, this is now 88 characters... meaning that your customer Lady Catharine Montague Brompton Carlisle III is only half way to the limit - how spiffing!

Domestic Gas Safety Certificate update

PDF iconWe've made a minor update to the formatting of the Domestic Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) PDF. We understand that the completed certificate would sometimes spill over onto a second page, with the additional page only containing a couple lines of text.

By adjusting the width of the columns and tweaking the layout slightly we've reduced the likelihood of this happening. Whilst we are aiming to reduce this occurrence, it cannot always be prevented. In situations where a certificate contains long answers or long customer addresses, the PDF may still require 2 pages.

Thanks to Brennan and Son Plumbing & Heating Ltd for asking us about this.

Customer statements now show in communication logs

Mail iconIf you weren't aware, you can send a statement to your customers, listing each of their unpaid invoices. This is a great way to remind slow paying customers or to simply provide a clear list of what is owed. You can send this PDF by email direct to the customer or print it out yourself.

Previously, when you emailed a customer statement, a record of this communication would not display in the 'Notes and communications' tab. We've changed this, so you can now see whenever a customer statement has been emailed or printed. We'll also include a link to the PDF statement, so you can view exactly what was sent.

A record of the customer statement email in the communications log

Thanks to SJK Plumbing & Heating Ltd for suggesting this change!

Are you happy with the work we're doing? We'd appreciate it if you let us know in a review - we love reading your feedback! You can review our software here.

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