5 new improvements to Commusoft

Paul Hewson
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We're back again with another collection of updates to Commusoft! Alongside bigger new features, our developers make little changes and updates each week to improve your teams overall experience. Check out the 5 updates below!

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'Do not work with' for work Do not work with iconaddresses 

We already have an option where you can mark a customer as 'Do not work with'. This stops jobs from being added for that customer and is great for dealing with those who refuse to pay or are rude to your staff! 'Do not work with' now also applies to a customer's related work addresses too. This ensures, for example, that you can't add jobs for a tenant if their landlord is marked as 'Do not work with'.

Thanks to our clients Brennan Plumbing and Heating Ltd and Synergy Southern Ltd for asking for this.

Driver trip report change

Map pin icon

We've made tweaks to the driver trip report for those of you using our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature. We had received a few reports of multiple engineer trips incorrectly being recorded as one trip. This background change should improve the quality of trip data through better calculation of each trip's start and finish. 

New supplier for automated invoice import

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Our automated supplier invoice import feature now supports an additional supplier. Invoices from BSS, who provide pipeline and heating solutions, can now be imported into Commusoft without manual input! It's a real time saver for your office staff.

Upload automated supplier invoice

Normal event rejection reason

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Many of you use Normal Events in Commusoft for general business tasks like visiting a supplier, attending a training, or simply as a reminder to pick up more biscuits for the office. If an engineer can't complete that task and rejects it, the rejection reason provided will now be displayed on the diary for office staff to see. Simply click on a rejected Normal event on the diary and then click the 'Feedback' tab.

normal rejection reason

Feedback box made larger

Desktop iconWe have another update relating to the feedback tab for diary events. When editing feedback from the web, the text box is now larger, ensuring there is plenty of space for amendments to engineer feedback.

That covers these 5 updates! Many of our improvements to Commusoft start as client suggestions, so if there is something you'd like to see in the system, reach out and let us know! 

Check out our new stock control system:

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