4 General Commusoft Updates

Kafui Mortty

We're still working hard on a slew of new features and ironing out the kinks. 🛠️ We'll make sure to update you when we have more news on those. In the meantime, we've got 4 general updates to Commusoft to share with you! A couple affect the app itself, whilst the others apply to the Commusoft website and packages.

'County' dropdown

When you're adding an address in Commusoft, whether it's for a customer, an engineer or just one of your users, it's always useful to include the town and county where possible. We've included a dropdown of all the UK counties within our address fields so now you can just have a quick look and select the one you're after.

'VAT' Customisation

We've now given you the option to rename your VAT as it appears throughout Commusoft. If you're used to referring to it as value added tax, Tax, or anything other than the conventional 'VAT', you can amend this in your setting so your preferred terminology is applied within the system. If you don't have a specific term that you do use, we'd recommend keeping it simple and leaving it as VAT, just to avoid confusion.

'Small business plan' is now 'Basic plan'

This is a simple name change and does not impact the services or features that any small business plan users will receive. If you are currently on the 'Small business plan', just know that when reviewing the pricing page, you will now see 'Basic plan' - this is the same as your current plan. We've also just updated our pricing page design, so if you're considering upgrading to a different plan, check it out or contact the team today!

Login from Commusoft.co.uk

You can now login to the V4 Commusoft app from commusoft.co.uk - simply click 'Login' in the top left corner to go to the login page. Previously, this was linked to the old V3 login page, so it was long overdue an update. The vast majority of Commusoft users are now on the new system - if you're still using V3, we highly recommend you contact our migrations team to learn about moving over to the updated and improved V4.

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