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As of this week, Commusoft now supports monetary values up to 4 decimal places (increased from 2) for parts, supplier invoices, purchase orders, and credit notes. This change has a big impact when dealing with suppliers and parts, as large quantity orders and bulk discounts can often result in individual unit prices with more than 2 decimal places, e.g. £6.5871.

Despite this being a seemingly small change, it required significant work from our development team due to the integral nature of these values to Commusoft's core systems - so a big shout out to the team for their hard work on this update.

We also want to thank two of our clients that brought this issue to our attention - John from Aquila Heating and Plumbing Ltd., and Jared from PHP Services. Cheers!

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Why are more decimal places beneficial?

Let's say you purchase 950 parts at a price of £699.00.

£699.00/ 950 = £0.7357

Each unit costs you £0.7357. Previously, with a limit of 2 decimal places, this would round up and input as £0.74. However, losing 2 decimal places makes tracking costs less accurate.

Calculating the price with this rounded value of £0.74 results in a total cost of £703.00.

£0.74 x 950 = £703.00

This results in a difference of £4.00 from the original cost. Now imagine this difference repeated across many purchases over the course of a year - these small discrepancies would soon add up.

Whilst you won't always be dealing with costs as specific as these, should you need to, Commusoft can now properly handle those purchases and ensure greater accuracy. So, thanks again, John and Jared for the idea!

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