3 smaller updates that help office staff

Paul Hewson
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We've had some major updates recently, like a brand new iOS app, updated vehicle tracking, and diary improvements. However, hidden among these bigger features have been simpler little updates that don't get their chance to shine in the limelight. That's why today I'm going to highlight 3 smaller changes that will have a positive impact - especially for office staff.

See who created office tasks

User iconYou can now see which user created an office task. This is a really simple change, but we've already heard from some clients just how helpful it is. This improves communication, as web users can immediately see who has requested an office task and react accordingly, without having to guess who created it.

Just check below the office task description to see who sent it.

Office task

Left/right padding for PDFs

PDF iconWe've always had the option to add padding (aka spacing) to the top and bottom of your PDFs for invoices, estimates, and other Commusoft-generated documents. However, you can now also add padding to the left and right of your letterheads, should you wish for the content to be a little further from the edges. This gives you greater control of the look of your documents, allowing you to get them just as you like.

To edit the padding, go to Create Letterheads in Company Settings and check out the body padding section.

Whilst, you're there why not make sure your letterheads are set up completely - you can add industry logos, edit printer margins, and more. Check out this guide for help.

PDF padding setting

After-sales care when work address has no contact details

Mail iconThe after-sales care message is usually sent to ask for feedback or to provide follow up information. It's typically sent to the job address's primary contact, as who best to rate your performance than the person whose property you visited and likely met?

However, if the job address contact does not have an email address or a telephone number, then it has nowhere to go. If that happens, then it will instead be sent to the job contact, trying to ensure that you still receive feedback on the job. This is particularly useful when dealing with work addresses, for example, if the tenant has no email or phone number recorded, the message will be sent to the customer's job contact instead (e.g. landlord or property manager).

If you're on the Paperless Office plan or above, you can use the after-sales care portal for an even better experience - it's a nifty tool for easily asking customers to give feedback. Remember, if you use this portal, we'd recommend to not include it in the letter template, as a printed URL is not much use!

after-sales care portal

Do you need to tidy up or change the after-sales care preference for your customers and work addresses? We previously added a feature allowing you to bulk edit preferences and set the default for newly added customers/work addresses. Find how to do that here.

Are you happy with the work we're doing? We'd appreciate it if you let us know in a review - we love reading your feedback! You can review our software here.

We're working on a feature that will significantly reduce the admin burden of scheduling jobs - we call it Intelligent Scheduling, click below to register your interest and hear more when it's available.

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