2021 Product Round Up

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2021 was a busy year for Commusoft, we have had a number of great features, functions and integrations added into the system. We thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of these features that we released this year as we know that it is hard to keep track whilst running a business!

Take a look at this video from Commusofts founder, Jason Morjaria, where he gives us an overview of some of the great additions to Commusoft in 2021!

If you want to find out more about the features mentioned in the video then continue reading below…

Stock control

Our stock control feature was initially released in mid-2019, during the last year, however, we have made several improvements. We worked with a number of clients so that we could improve the feature to suit your needs.

The addition of the ‘my van’ app allows engineers to see in real-time what materials and parts are currently stored in their van, as well as the stock room for even quicker access to the parts they need! You can read more on the ‘my van’ app on the blog here.

We also made changes to the parts search so that it is easier to find the correct part that you are looking for, such as adding in the supplier product code to help make each part more distinguishable. Read the blog here for more information.

Find out more about our stock control feature here.

Custom forms

Custom forms were added into Commusoft right at the beginning of the year. This feature allows you to create any type of form that you want, these can then be completed by your engineers on the field just like any of our industry-standard forms! Take a look at the blog here.

We also made some updates later on in the year. You are now also able to create, edit and delete your Custom forms on the web. This was to allow more flexibility with your office staff and to also allow them to edit out mistakes. Check out the blog here.

Find out more about the Custom forms feature here.

Custom workflows

This feature has been developed after reviewing customer feedback. You wanted a way to customize job reports more effectively so that's what we created! This feature allows you to create different question templates for any type of job that you offer, allowing you to record the specific information that you want. This feature is still currently in a closed beta but is likely to be released fully, in early 2022. 

You can read the blog here.


Invoicing is an integral part of your business, so we made a few additions this year to make it a bit easier for you!

First of all, we made some changes to the labour rate system. You can now set up different labour rates based on different situations, such as higher rates on weekends, after hours or bank holidays. We also added in Call-out fees which if turned on will be added into the final invoice automatically.

One of our most powerful features was also added in 2021, which was Automated invoicing. This is great if you do a lot of service work or any job with simple pricing. All you need to do is turn it on and once the engineers click complete on the app, Commusoft will take the price book, take the callout fees and take the labour rates and automatically raise the invoice and email it to the customer ready for them to pay online. Click here to read the blog.

Find out more on invoicing features here.

Accounting packages

As well as adding new features we have also added in more integrations, such as Sage 200. This is designed for larger companies with more complex accounting requirements. Take a look at our other integrations here.


Good communication is vital when running a business effectively, so to help we have released two major features to help make sure your communication is top-notch!

The first is an integration with Google workspace and Office 365. Connecting your email account to Commusoft will sync your communications with customers so that you never have to copy and paste emails into commusoft again! Read more on the blog here.

Another feature we have developed this year is the Commusoft VoIP phone for Mac and Windows. This will available early next year and will allow you to offer customers the very best customer journey as soon as you answer the phone. You can find more information on this feature on our website here.

Self-service portals

Commusoft also released a number of self-service portals this year, to help make your office staffs life that little bit easier! Our new booking portal came first, this allows customers to book and schedule services straight from communications at any time. Find out more here.

The Customer Portal was also released this year, a great addition if you work with a lot of landlords or estate agents. This allows your customers to log in and keep track of all of their properties, jobs, scheduled appointments, certificates and even invoices. Read the blog here.

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