15 facts you don't know about Commusoft

Marine Klein
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You might be one of our customers, or you might not. Either way, Today we reveal 15 facts about Commusoft. Ready?

1. Commusoft has an app available on Android and iOS
With an all-in-one app that helps company owners, managers, engineers and office staff in their journey and their day-to-day activity.

2. Commusoft has more than 900 clients across the UK

So it should be no surprise that we acquire 70% of our new clients through recommendations and referrals from existing clients.

3. 5500+ users for our Commusoft app. Only in the UK.

More than 900 companies trust Commusoft, 5500 people use it daily. Our partners, such as system integrators, also recommend Commusoft on their websites.

4. 10 years, 50 employees across the world

Commusoft is a growing company. It’s evolving every day with new people, new ideas and new clients. We believe in long-term customer relationships.

5. We build features based on customers needs

Before building the new version we looked back at all and every feature request and we started to compile a document called ‘Features we’d like to see’. It became the starting point for Commusoft's new design.

6. 2016: Launch of Commusoft v4

This upgrade is extensive and is the largest in our history.  It improves thousands of different features and modules including the diary, invoicing and the mobile applications.  The upgrade brings in whole new ‘areas’ of the software including modules for stock control and customer feedback.

7. Four years and 225,000 man hours: time needed to build v4

We’ve worked for over 4 years on this upgrade, spending over 225,000 man hours with the single aim of building the best, most user friendly experience possible for our clients.

history of Commusoft.jpg


8. Commusoft diary display 24-hour basis



9. You can create certificates on mobile



10. We have 780+ articles, videos and webinars available on our knowledge base for the new version alone!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 15.25.11.png


11. You don't need filter to use the search



12. The notifications looks like your favourite social media

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 15.44.26.png


13. You can upload and attach files such as pictures, documents and voice notes



14. Documents (estimates, invoices etc) can be customised with your brand colours and logos



15. At Commusoft we use our own terms and jargon (looks a bit nerdy, but we love it!) 

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 15.43.32.png


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