10 quick tips for using Commusoft like a pro

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Commusoft is a massive piece of software for field service companies to manage jobs, invoices, certificates, parts, assets, and so much more. It's easy to forget or miss out on tips and tricks that help you get the best out of your software. From keyboard shortcuts to smaller features that you may have missed - we've got 10 pro tips for you to check out!

1. Zoom in on mobile attachments

We'll forgive you for not knowing about this one, because we only just added it! You can now zoom in on attached images from the mobile app to make sure you can get a good view of what was being documented. Just pinch to zoom and move around the image. This is available for both iOS and Android. Thanks, Brian from Heat South West Ltd for requesting this!

Zoom mobile attachment

Bonus tip!

When viewing attached files on the web version of Commusoft, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move between files.

2. Spreadsheet shortcuts

There are several places where Commusoft has spreadsheets or tables - most notably when filling out a purchase order or invoice. Did you know if you drag a cell from the corner you can copy the contents down the entire column? This works just like in Excel and Google Sheets, so you can quickly add duplicate data without entering it over and over. This is great for quickly setting the same delivery date or delivery method for a long list of parts in a purchase order!

Commusoft spreadsheet drag

Bonus tip!

Whilst we're on the topic of spreadsheets, you can also quickly move from cell to cell by hitting the 'Enter' key. No need to double click into each cell.

3. Get directions from the app

We know many of you use this everyday, but just in case you weren't aware, you can quickly get directions to a property with just a few taps. On Android, tap the navigation icon next to the customer details - for iOS users, tap the blue 'Address' header. You'll then get to choose from either Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps (iOS only). Pick your favourite and the address will be imported in for your convenience. No need to copy the address over manually!

App address navigation

4. Correct a certificate

Mistakes inevitably happen and you'll find that you need to make a correction to a certificate. Whilst you can't directly edit a completed certificate, you have the option to clone a certificate. This creates a draft copy with all the same data filled in. You can jump in there and make any edits required. It's important to note that you will need to get sign-off on this new certificate before it can be saved.

Clone certificate

By cloning the certificate you still keep a record of previous versions - and the signature requirement ensures certificates can't be edited without the customer's knowledge.

5. Transfer an estimate

If you add an estimate against the wrong customer or property you can transfer it to another, as long as it hasn't been accepted yet. Another use for this function is if you've got an old estimate that would be perfect for a different customer, instead of completing a new one, you can clone the estimate first before transferring it. To do this:

  1. From an estimate click quick links and 'Clone estimate'
  2. Click 'Edit' in the Survey Details
  3. In advanced options you'll see the transfer option
  4. Pick the customer and date before transferring

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 16.32.09

6. Personalise messages with dynamic tagging

Dynamic tagging allows you to personalise messages with placeholder tags. These are then replaced with the correct data when sent, e.g. when sent to John, [customer_name] becomes 'John'. You can add many details like customer, job, estimate and invoice specifics to your communications - just look for that 'Use tagging' button. Whilst we cover this in training, we find people often don't use these as much as they should - especially in their estimate templates!

Estimate dynamic tagging

Bonus tip!

Test your communications to make sure everything works and looks how you want it!

7. View status times and locations on mobile

From the Commusoft mobile app, you can see the time that an event's status was changed e.g. Accept, Travel, Arrive, Leave. You can view this from 'Diary history' in the 'More' section. If you tap a status in the list, you'll see the exact location on the map where the device was when that status change occurred.

Mobile status  times and map

This gives you access to a record of your whereabouts should you ever need it. Managers will find this especially useful to check in on engineers whilst they're on the road and it works great with the multiple mobile diary feature!

8. Manage multiple diaries on mobile

Speaking of multiple diaries on mobile - that's another pro tip! When managers are on the go, they'll be relying on their smartphone or tablet to stay on top of their team and all of their jobs. That's why we allow Senior engineers and above to view and edit events across their colleagues' diaries for added flexibility. Check out the video guides to get started.

ios-android user list

9. View the diary in landscape

You may have seen that earlier this year we released a new way to view the desktop diary. The new option is landscape, so you get a whole new way to view your diary. This is especially useful for businesses with higher numbers of engineers as you can fit more onto the screen. Give it a try and see which the team prefer.

Landscape diary daily

10. Audit accounting records

To make managing accounts easier, all Commusoft records that relate to your accounting integration have a viewable history. This allows your office staff to audit your data, query records, and diagnose any accounting records that may have failed to send. By providing you access to a detailed history of edits to accounting data within Commusoft, you can more easily fix discrepancies and quickly get back to work with your other tasks. Find out more.

AI record history full

Hopefully you've learnt something new that will help you get a little more out of Commusoft. If you already knew all of these pro tips, let us know on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn! 🏆

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