Why is Your Website Not Making You More Successful?

Marine Klein
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Creating and maintaining a company website is vital for success in today's digital world, but doing so requires an investment of your time and money.

It's only right to expect measurable return for that investment, but too often business managers are disappointed when they experience low web traffic (numbers of people visiting a website) and even lower sales.

We look at the reasons that your website might not be making you more successful and help you to find some of the solutions:

At the end of this article, be sure to check out Commusoft's very own look at managing your website in our video: Field Service Website Review – How to Improve Your Website!

We talk best practices and take a look through some real field service websites. It's a great way to get ideas for your own website, learn what others are doing well, and see where there’s room for improvement, too! Along with the points below, it might be just the thing you need to explore and make similar changes on your website, too.

Problem 1: You don't know what you want your website to achieve

Before you even get to the stage of contacting a web designer, it is important to understand exactly what you want from your website.red 2

You might be aiming to build customer confidence by giving information, you might have a new product line that you wish to promote or you may just be after a boost in sales and some international business.

Whatever your reason, it's important to understand that a website should not just be a method of contact. Merely adding your contact details to a website will not boost sales! You'll just be listing your business in the world's biggest business directory, and we all know how much we love looking through directories...right?

Problem 2: Your website doesn't meet your customers' expectations

With so much choice out there on the internet (and so many websites being incredibly well optimised for users) it's meant that website visitors are very fussy about their user experience and it's a lot more noticeable when a site fails to meet these expectations.

If a site they are visiting doesn't meet their needs and doesn't give them a smooth user journey to their goal, they will quickly click over to a different one. This means that an important element of website design is understanding customer needs.graphic_computer_24hrs-01

If, for example, a customer is looking for holiday accommodation, they will expect to be able to tailor their search not just by location but by a number of more specific factors such as 'open fire' or 'hot tub'. If another site offers these filtering possibilities and you don't, customers will be quick to move away from your site.

There are a wide variety of tools out there to help you choose the right platform to host and create your site, and it can understandably be a bit overwhelming. Even a casual look on YouTube will reveal adverts for all kinds of sites and tools used by influencers across the globe, all of which can help you create your website, too, but it can help to dive a bit deeper, especially for a service business.

So, if you're interested to learn more about Web Hosting, click the link to hear from the experts at Digital.com! Their comprehensive guide on web hosting is designed to help small businesses and start-ups easily discover the best hosting platform for their needs. With a detailed look at Web Hosting 101, they can give you an idea of what types to choose from, the potential costs, and there's other sections on website builders, email marketing services, and so much more.  

Problem 3: Your website isn't visible in search results

There is absolutely no point in maintaining a website that does not meet the search expectations of the big search engines like Google.


The success of your website relies on its ability to appear high up in search engine rankings (the list of results shown after a search has taken place). The skill of managing SEO (search engine optimisation) is multifaceted.

Initially a website needs to be built with SEO in mind, the right type of regular content needs to be included and then we recommend the use of analytical software that monitors performance and informs the small changes that will make a great difference in your site visitor numbers and sales conversions.

Problem 4: Your landing page is not focused

A landing page is the first page on your website that your visitors arrive at once they have clicked on a search result.

As many visitors don't look beyond this first page, it is important that your landing page meets certain criteria. It needs to drive leads or visitors along a track that eventually leads to sales, this is what is known as a conversion funnel.

You only have, on average, eight seconds to convince a visitor, so your landing page needs to have the following at the top of the page: a headline that states your unique selling point (USP), a focus on one, really attractive offer and a very clear indication of how to get this offer (this is known as a call to action or CTA).

A great image or even a short video can make a huge difference to the success of your landing page, as they help to draw attention and quickly engage audiences.


Problem 5: Your content is under performing

Web content is the writing that makes up your website, this could be articles, blog posts, page text or product descriptions.

Having a clear content marketing strategy is particularly important for two reasons. Firstly because great content that is specifically targeted towards your customers is the key to sharing your brand's personality without appearing to be too pushy about your products, it will also build customer trust.Commusoft thumbs down

The second reason for having a clear content management strategy is to maximise your search engine potential. Search engines like Google respond well to websites that have regularly updated content that uses keywords in authentic and readable language. Without great content, your other efforts at SEO will be wasted.

The other thing to remember about content is the importance of analysis. Bespoke software is a vital element in judging the success of your ongoing content strategy. Another growing method of gaining customer following is to include utilities. These are little pieces of content that might be useful to your customer base, for example a simple app.

Another way to grow your business is to invest in internal tools that can help you streamline your organisation: 5 Tools Every Plumbing Business Should Use!

Problem 6: You are not maximising lead potential

A website is an excellent source for prospective leads, but it requires expert software to maximise this potential. A software package such as Thrive Leads can do this job in a very efficient manner.

Thrive Leads offers a full package of design, relevant targeting (where client requirements are measured), A/B testing (where two options are tested against each other) and actionable reporting (that helps you to take action based on the results of testing).

Making use of an online booking portal is a great way to capture leads 24/7. If a customer can come to your website, fill in an inquiry at any time of the day, it's a massive advantage over the competition.

C2 booking portal snippet UK-02

The Takeaway

It's clear from these issues that initial website design is only half of the online marketing picture. There's a lot to learn, but the best way, especially if you're just getting started with a new site, is to get hands on and try things out.

By creating, testing, and seeing how people respond to your pages, you can make tweaks and adjustments until you've got the website that's perfect for your needs.

If you're interested to learn more, you can take a look at Commusoft's own Field Service Website Review!

graphic_customer_journey_commusoft_small_version-01There's a fantastic video showing sites from real businesses that we've reviewed as well as further tips for best practices you can follow to ensure your field service business website is succeeding.

To help you to find e-marketing success, in a competitive economy, check out our blog post: "How to Grow your Trade Business with Social Media?"

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