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“Who exactly are these expert consultants?” I hear you ask.

Your engineers of course!

Often seen as the face of your business, your engineers are far-and-away the best people to give customers the advice they need.

“But,” you might also say, “do I really want to turn my engineers into salespeople?”

Honestly? The short answer is: yes; but before you click away in disagreement, I’d like to stress that a simple “yes” is far too cold and simplistic an answer...even if it is technically true. So, please, hear us out in the article below!

  1. More than just a sales pitch
  2. Turning engineers into service consultants
  3. Upsell with easy-to-understand finance solutions
  4. Manage growth and increase revenue with Vendigo
  5. Watch: Customer Finance and the Field Service Industry

1. More than just a sales pitch

While of course, making money by selling pricier products and services is a big part of how you keep your business growing and thriving, it’s likely not the only reason you and your colleagues do what you do.


I’d be willing to bet that delivering a great service, installing excellent products, and helping customers so that they’re safe & happy, are just a few reasons that get you out of bed in the morning.

Whether installing an excellent new boiler to keep a family warm and cosy in winter, or providing quality insulation and repairs to quite literally keep a roof over their head, your motivation probably comes down to a lot more than a quick sale.

With that said, it’s because of an emphasis on quality that you should want your engineers to become excellent consultants; they know what they’re doing.

After all, and with a little help from some innovative tools, you can help them to deliver a quality service that doesn’t just stop at impeccable installations that earn you money, but creates loyal, happy customers who respond well to your business. 

As a result, your customers can enjoy insightful, efficient, and even financially beneficial advice that enables them to get the products and services they need and want, whilst ensuring you’re paid well, too. Everyone wins!

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2. Turning engineers into service consultants

So, how do you transform your engineers into quality consultants? 

Chances are you actually don’t need to do much at all. After all, the knowledge of your products and services should be well ingrained in an engineer’s mind by now and they know their work like the back of their hand. What you’re focusing on instead, is enabling them to pass on that information to your customers so they can make decisions quickly and with confidence.


That’s where a point of sales platform comes in handy. 

A major part of this week’s post was heavily influenced by a particularly interesting conversation that is well worth-your-while to listen to! In it, you can hear Jason, Commusoft’s CEO, and Aidan McMahon, Head of Business Development at Vendigo, talking in detail about finance platforms and field service specialists.

In Ep. 11 of our web-series, Success in the Field, they consider how Vendigo’s point of sale finance platform can help customers, particularly in the home improvement sector, to secure the finance they need to pay for essential products and services. 

But how does that influence your engineers to become service consultants?

Well, as people who are meeting, greeting, and becoming ever more handy at completing jobs in the field (thanks to your management software solution helping to take customers on world-class journeys), your engineers are in the best position possible. 


Instead of your engineers passing on information to the office who calls the financial company, then informs the customer—all while they’re waiting to hear back on what’s probably the most important information they need from you—you can speed up the process by cutting out all the back and forth.

Your engineers can show the customer their finance options and sign them on the spot. 

They can assist customers and waste no time at all to book more work, all thanks to the knowledge in their head and the digital tools in their hands. So, coupled with financing experts, your business can provide a user-friendly solution to get customers the help they require at a time when there’s essential work that needs to be done. 

It’s a great way of improving yet another customer journey, securing higher value jobs, and providing excellent service that customers are sure to appreciate.

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3. Upsell with easy-to-understand finance solutions

Engineers aren’t typically seen as salespeople:

“But, if they have a platform which helps them sell more," says Jason, "then they’re going to be on board; they just need the right teaching and guidance about how to optimise the process.”

The idea behind a solution like this is that, if the option is there and the customer needs it, then with these tools you can more readily seize the moment and reap the rewards.

That said, it can often be difficult to strike a balance between what’s the best product for a customer and what’s affordable to them. That’s especially true following a year that’s seen a great many consumers struggle under financial pressure. graphic_invoice_payment_ipad-01

Of course, prioritising what they spend their money on is one thing, but it’s especially valuable if you’re trying to work out the middle ground that means quality is also affordable. Financing solutions can be the answer to that question, with the end result meaning happy customers and money in the bank for you, too.

At the same time, the barrier most engineers and field service managers encounter is the fact that finance solutions are hard to understand, or unattractive. As such, they introduce a type of friction into your quoting and payment journeys that you certainly don’t want to be there. It doesn’t make for a great journey.

Not sure what your quoting and payment journeys are?

Check out our guide on Customer Journeys!

However, just like when you made the leap to going paperless, great tools can make providing financing solutions to your customers a breeze. As a result, your engineers can more confidently recommend excellent products, as well as excellent payment solutions to get them. 

What could be a better experience for a customer than receiving expert advice, in person, and getting an amazing installation (sometimes, even on the same day), all with peace of mind that the price they’re paying is manageable, and guarantees quality? 

In conversation with Jason, Aidan puts it like this:

“You’re giving a consumer a purchase for a loan they wouldn’t be able to make without finance - that’s specifically the case for the boiler market when you’ve got people with no heating or hot water who need a finance loan to get back online. With [Vendigo] it enables the end customer to get approval quickly, safely, and the merchant can provide a better sales process and experience for their customers.”

Quick loans and approval can be understandably nerve-wracking (who hasn’t heard of a dodgy loan with extortionate interest rates—but that’s far from the case here) but again, it’s not just about a sale for the sake of it: it’s fulfilling a need and providing a reasonable means to get essential work done. 

Not only that, but where payments are concerned, it’s also about convenience. After all, it’s becoming increasingly common in a variety of industries to make a sale on-site, and it’s an excellent way of removing barriers and minimising friction in the customer buying journey.

In this way, as Jason puts it, with engineers being the ones going to site, talking with customers, working with them, they’re in the best position to become:

“Good advocates for good products: working as consultants who provide advice that helps the customer make a decision.”

If you’re able to give customers an easy way to pay for something, backed up by good data, and add on top a solution that minimises risk, then you’re certainly on to a winner.

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4. Manage growth and increase revenue with Vendigo

If exceptional customer journeys are something you want to focus on, then this is certainly a great way to do it. Not only does your business become capable of readily selling products in the field, but as a result, you can boost your revenue and provide amazing customer satisfaction, but with financial security for both parties.

With the right tools, your service business not only continues to provide customers with quality advice to get the product they need, it also gives them great access to a secure method of making affordable purchases. This will impact your bottom line and help you manage your growth.Estimating Portal graphics-orange

After all, when premium products are made more affordable, it means your customers can rest easier knowing they’re not likely going to have to foot a bill for an expensive replacement down the line.

To be clear, whether you're new to finance, have sold it for centuries, or anything else in between, Vendigo can help you through your field service sales journey every step of the way, so don't be frightened of the unknown! Their team are also on hand to answer queries too, so be sure to check them out.

There’s an undeniable increase in the number of services helping us spread the cost of our expenses, and many other subscription based models help us manage our finances more easily, month-to-month.

It doesn't feel like too much of a stretch to say that, soon enough, every customer will expect this type of service and convenience to be on offer.

5. Watch: Customer Finance and the Field Service Industry


For additional insights on Commusoft and Vendigo, be sure to check out the full conversation between Jason and Aidan in Episode 11 of Success in the Field: Customer Finance & the Field Service Industry!  

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