What is a service reminder?

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A service reminder is a message that you send to your customers to inform them that they have a service due. For example Commusoft allows you to send these as letters, emails or SMS messages all in one go to save you time and to help you keep on top of all of your annual services. What’s the point?

Sending service reminders to your customers is a simple way to develop more business. If your customer is a landlord or a letting agent, they are under a legal obligation to get certain services and certificates each year – such as Gas Safety Certificates. Informing them these need to be renewed in good time means you don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities.

Agent and landlord service reminder letters tend to be concise and to the point, detailing a list of all tenant properties with an upcoming service due. Private customers, however, are not under the same legal obligations.

When sending a service reminder to a private customer, the idea is to advise them that they may want to book a visit.

Informing them of the benefits of annual services while promoting your own offerings will allow your customers to make an informed decision about whether to have their service and whether they should choose you to carry it out.

This kind of regular interaction can also help to drive repeat business by keeping your company at the front of your customers’ minds when it comes to services and repairs.

It’s worth mentioning that if you installed the boiler, manufacturers often provide warranties based on the boiler being annually serviced. Try mentioning this in your letters to persuade private customers to book in the service.


When should I send my service reminders?

Service reminder letters need to be sent in plenty of time to allow your customers to make their decisions and get back to you, as well as to allow you time to book the service into your busy diary. Exactly when to send our reminders will depend on your own business and how busy you are, but it is best practice to put a process in place to ensure reminders are sent regularly – for example, at the same time each month – to ensure you don’t miss any out.

Regarding how far in advance you send your reminders, it’s best just to use common sense. Months in advance will mean your customer ignores the message, but sending one the day before may mean you lose business.

Letter, email or SMS?

The best channel of communication depends entirely on your business and your customers.  

Using email is often the cheapest approach and reduces barriers to your customers replying as it’s very easy for them to respond.

Although SMS might seem an ideal choice, it can be harder for customers to respond and is quite impersonal. Letters are a little more traditional, but can produce great results if your customers are primarily part of the older generation.

Most people have email on their phones these days, so give email a go first as it’s often the cheapest option. If that fails, you can change the way you communicate with clients to get the best response.  


Reporting on service reminders

Understanding the performance of your letters and emails is critical, as minor adjustments to your wording can make a huge difference.

Measuring how many customers respond to your messages is vital to knowing how the reminders are performing.

Changing the text and seeing whether you get better or worse results is a great way to improve your sales, as the smallest change really can make a huge difference.

By tracking when you send out the most service reminders, you can also help balance your workload.

If you’re very busy in the winter, it could be worth considering offering a discount on certain services during the summer to help even things out.

Profitability reporting on service reminders can also help you understand how much repeat service work makes your company, and whether or not you should focus more attention on driving repeat business.

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