Estate Agents, Landlords, Tenants: How to Meet Demand with One Tool

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Are you dealing with lots of jobs for a single client? What about when it comes to multiple large contracts? Here’s why you need an automatic work address booking portal to help you manage an ever-increasing workload.

For many of the property based partnerships that your field service business is tasked with caring for, you’ll no doubt have some listed next to your client’s name.

This means that the amount of jobs you’re taking care of can easily run into the hundreds (or even thousands) each month, and so it helps to have a technical solution that allows you (and the people needing your assistance) to arrange bookings with ease.

  1. Routine Maintenance made easy
  2. Put customer convenience first
  3. Make communication clearer

By using intuitive software, you can search through your customer database to access the relevant property maintenance records and other details that your staff need (like contact details, job history, asset records, communication logs, and much more) to make a job run smoothly. While that’s great, even with this data, it can still be a time consuming process to connect with and contact customers then confirm a job.

So, even though your software can help provide the context you need to do a smashing job when an engineer is on site, how can you make the booking process that comes before it even easier?

Simply put: you use your software to create a fantastic booking journey!

1. Routine Maintenance made easy

Service jobs and routine maintenance obviously take up a lot of your time, especially for residential and office properties where there’ll be a whole lot of different locations listed under one client.

Thanks to the software you’re using, you can already set up service reminders at regular intervals. This makes it more likely that you’ll secure recurring revenue to support your business, but there’ll still be a lot of admin work to undertake in order to actually arrange those appointments.


It’s definitely great to give a nudge to customers to reach out and book a service, but what’s even better is when that same nudge enables them to go a step further and actually arrange a specific appointment without having to call, email, or otherwise contact your business at all!

If you have a booking portal that feeds directly into your job management software’s diary system, you can create a crystal clear view of when a slot is available for a booking that suits both your customer and your staff.

Thanks to an automated work address booking portal, you can help customers to help themselves and, in turn, save time for everyone involved in the booking process. The combination of automated notifications and booking links can significantly reduce the amount of administrative work that’s required to book a job, every time and that’s only ever going to be a blessing when you might be faced with bookings jobs for hundreds of customers.

While service reminders will need to be set up to go out to individuals, it’s easier with software that lets you streamline and automate the process. This means that you can organise big contracts that fit around specific dates, and even maintain a personal touch thanks to having individual details on hand, too.

C2 booking portal snippet UK-02

2. Put customer convenience first

Intelligent software is all about saving you time and effort, because it means you can take care of tasks and “remember” specific information accurately, every single time. With a system that recognises individual customers, you can set up messages to be more personalising and engage customers in a way they’ll appreciate.

For example, instead of “Dear Resident” you can send a direct address that’s more compelling, and more personal to the individual, which can increase the likelihood of a positive response and that they engage with what’s been sent. Not only that, but the system will remember customer details (the same way as when you buy something from an online retailer, like Amazon).graphic_hand_pointing_touchpoint-01

This means customers can easily make payments (if necessary) without manually re-entering details again and again. It removes another barrier to entry that means bookings and payments are completed faster and more efficiently, to the benefit of customer satisfaction and maintaining the cycle of recurring revenue.

With smarter booking solutions, not only are you still able to treat each customer as an individual, but you create a more appealing, personalised experience than gives everyone involved peace of mind.

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3. Make communication clearer:

Let’s say, for example, that a large number of tenants in a block of flats are required to have their gas pipes checked, as they may need repairs. Generally speaking, the tenant (of which there will be many) will be notified by the letting agent who contacts them by post or email (which saves time from making lots of individual phone calls) to let the tenant know that “essential checks” are being carried out.

In the same letter, they might give a vague timeline of when this could occur (“during the months of September and October”) and explain that if an appointment to make repairs is needed, then the tenant will receive a card, or otherwise be contacted in an equally vague way to arrange an appointment.

This does not make for a great customer experience.graphic_customer_database-01

Even though it could be presented reasonably enough, that final part is far from the most convenient or even the most pleasant way for everyone to communicate. Open-ended, non-specific dates can be anxiety inducing and cause frustration.

Not only that, but the lack of clarity means that time is more likely going to be wasted on reaching the customer by phone, letter, leaflet, or what-have-you. Why risk messages being missed, or even ignored altogether? You want to increase the likelihood of winning more jobs.

When it comes to booking a job, convenience is king, and it’s at times like these—when many jobs may need to be booked in a short window—that an estate agency will want an easy, intuitive way to reach 100s of their customers. As such, a work address booking portal is of particular value as, along with a reminder, it gives the tenant the opportunity to confirm a slot during which they’re free, at their own convenience. This automatically feeds back to your engineer’s live diary schedule to confirm a slot that works for everyone.graphic_iphone5-01

As a result, not only does the customer get an appointment that suits them without having to wait to be contacted, but the whole process itself can be booked and confirmed with ease.

Of course, no booking system alone can 100% guarantee all jobs will be booked, but, with a booking process like this in place, a scheduling system can help your admin staff see more clearly who has been booked and who may need to be contacted further. As a result, a system like this can be an absolute dream for your admin team.

In this way you can streamline communication—reducing paper-waste as an added benefit—and make booking appointments easier than ever. Any time that could be lost by admins taking too long to arrange bookings (through no fault of their own) is thus saved and repurposed so that they’re no longer struggling to keep up and neglecting more important tasks.


How great is that?

The Takeaway

A step above the standard process of booking through software, a forward-thinking company will want a solution that helps them improve efficiency and lend a big helping hand to the way in which they manage large amounts of frequent bookings.

Intelligent scheduling a simplified booking portal can do precisely that.

Not only does the portal transform your customer communications, but the benefits translate to other areas of your business too, allowing you to communicate value more clearly to prospects.

While there’s the usual benefits of automation, where your business’ efficiency (and profits) get a major boost, you’ll hopefully also soon see more commercial leads coming to you and actively looking for this type of capability from your business.

Having these features in place can prove to a prospect that you’re more than capable of handling large workloads and as a result, tendering should be easier!

For the business leaders who want to take their company to the next level, we’ve put together a free guide on winning estate agent contracts, which you can find down below!

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