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Introducing Android for Work: A rock-solid mobile management solution

For field service companies that want to keep track of their workforce, whilst giving staff the flexibility to use their own mobile devices, Android at Work is fast becoming an enterprise solution to underpin the performance of mobile management software for field engineers such as Commusoft.

Whether you’re a plumbing, heating, gas or field service company, if you’re overseeing the day-to-day operations of your business, you’ll want to ensure that staff are easily contactable and remain focused on their jobs at hand. Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.05.59.png

Android at Work separates the personal mobile apps that employees use outside of working hours from business mobile apps, keeping business away from pleasure whilst allowing staff to use their Android smartphone for both work and play.


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What is Android for Work and who is it for?

In terms of mobile field service management, Android for Work is now a very credible solution for senior operations and logistics professionals to manage the apps their employees use on their mobiles when out to work.

For staff that use their own mobile device or a subsidised device for work in the field, Android for Work means that employees no longer need to worry about IT administrators and operations managers seeing exactly what is on their devices. Android for Work controls only the business apps and data within the business profile created on an individual’s Android device.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.05.38.png

Field engineers can continue to use their personal devices to complete work-related tasks, staying connected to business-critical data and workflows whilst having secure access to personal apps whenever necessary. There’s no need for staff to carry around two devices and accessories when Android for Work creates separate work and personal user profiles on a single device.

How does it work and how can it benefit your company?

Android for Work is compatible with all Android devices that operate at least the Android 4.0 operating system up to the latest 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Business owners can empower staff to use their own smartphones when working in the field. All it requires is the creation of a corporate user profile on their device that features work-specific applications and in-built security and management that’s reassuring for business owners and employees alike.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.06.09.png

In the past, security weaknesses have held Android’s enterprise applications back from universal adoption, but Android for Work is seeking to address those shortcomings by delivering a more stable user experience for devices that are used in the workplace environment.

• Business data encryption

Business data is kept safe within an Android for Work user’s work profile by the application’s rock-solid encryption and admin-managed policies. This mitigates the threat of malware attacks and unauthorised use of an employee’s work profile.

Administrators such as office managers and operations managers can connect remotely to an employee’s work profile without the need to go anywhere near their personal profile.

• Simple deployment of business-critical apps

Administrators of staff work profiles can distribute new mobile applications to ensure the company’s field engineers benefit from the latest technology advancements to improve efficiency and productivity.

Android for Work is already pre-installed with Google’s full suite of apps suitable for business use, from Gmail to Google Docs and Google Sheets. Businesses can also take advantage of a marketplace where trusted third-party mobile app developers build additional Android for Work solutions that can be securely deployed by administrators.

• Watertight data protection

CEOs and operations managers can rest easy that Android for Work is built with business data protection firmly at its core.

There is no risk of data being compromised via rogue applications as all work profile apps are deployed via Google Play for Work.

This prevents staff from downloading applications from untrusted third-party sources and agreeing to dangerous app configurations.

In addition, the creation of work profiles on employee smartphones locks down sensitive company data by firewall and encryption to prevent compromise.

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Mobile-enabled field service companies give their field engineers the ability to be more productive and maintain the highest standards of work by utilising the power of their smartphone’s technology during working hours, not just in their personal life.

With Android for Work, employees don’t need to worry about learning to use a different operating system; it offers a consistent, native user experience and businesses can rely on the rock-solid framework to enable, optimise and secure their team’s devices.

Put simply, business data is secured while personal information and applications are kept separate and private from employers, giving peace of mind to all.

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