3 Tips to Keep Up With Field Service Business Trends

Jack Sargent

"The time are a-changing!” We've been hearing this ever since Bob Dylan famously put it into words. When it comes to your business, you have to keep up with the times. And yet, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by how fast everything changes. So we've put together these 3 easy-to-implement updates that will give your business a boost!

Let's put this into perspective a bit. Think about your engineers and what they use to get the job done. You wouldn't want them pulling around your customer's house in a horse-drawn carriage, right? How does the horse & carriage combo look to your customers? What about the time it wastes in getting around? Not to mention the resources and the engineer's peace of mind. Well, sending them without a mobile app to keep them updated on-the-go is pretty much the modern equivalent. So that's where we'll start:

Mobile App


Having the right software can improve the communication, organisation and efficiency of an office team, and the business. We all know it can be a nightmare sometimes trying to get hold of your engineers with important information or even getting hold of the boss when they are running around.

With programs like Slack, you can easily set up channels which will be specific conversations to do with certain topics, eg #engineers, #office, #jobs. You can also send direct messages to individuals - and the best thing is it's available on your PC’s and mobiles.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 16.35.46.png

We can narrow it down to the smallest of things as well, what web browser to use? Internet Explorer is something we have all heard of and are all familiar with, from when the internet was first publicly available - and moving away from what we know can seem daunting.

We'd always recommend using Google Chrome, no matter what machine you use. It's the most stable and feature rich browser, with the ability to add extensions that enable you to take screenshots, see your emails all the way through to seeing the weather forecast.

Slack and Chrome are just two of the ways you can improve your communication across your business. We recently wrote an article on 5 of the most useful software tools to have in an office space, which goes into a lot further detail regarding our thoughts on what software you should be using. 


Now these are the big two questions that everyone wants to know the answer to. Laptop or desktop? Windows or Mac? I can’t tell you what to get, because it's all down to personal preference - but here are my thoughts.

Don’t get a desktop. They are big, clunky and unnecessary. Getting a laptop/notebook for you and your employees will enable you all to take the business wherever it demands you to. Another benefit is that it clears up office space.

There will be no PC boxes under the desk, or cables going everywhere - you will simply have a laptop on your desk which can be hooked up to a monitor to enhance the experience as well.

With most central management systems being cloud based, this means you can access your job management and accounts anywhere you have a laptop and internet connection. You can make them as cheap or expensive as you like, but bear in mind; you do get what you pay for, so sometimes it's worth spending a bit more than you want on a machine, if it means you can run a smooth operation.

Hopefully the photo below of my desk space will give you some ideas for yours! As you can see I have my laptop on a stand, which is connected up to a 4K Dell Monitor. Alongside you can see the essentials; pens, a notebook, telephone, chopsticks (you never know when you’re going to need chopsticks) and a water bottle.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 16.37.14.png 

Mobile phones

With 7 in 10 people in the world estimated to own a mobile phone by the year 2020, it's becoming ever important to keep up to date with your device. Whether you provide business phones, or encourage BYOD (bring your own device) it's important to make sure they can handle the demands the user is putting on them.

Fun fact - the iPhone 5S was released in September 2012, almost 5 years ago!

You may have noticed that most software services will have a “minimum spec/requirements”. This isn’t to be annoying and make you go and upgrade your phone, but to ensure that you are able to use the software to its maximum potential and the technology that is available to us all today.

As I mentioned earlier, you will always ensure that your engineers are equipped with the best, most efficient tools for the job. One of these tools is also the device that they have with them.

Having the latest devices is only half of how you keep devices up to date. The second part is keeping their operating system up to date as well.

I know a lot of people of never do these updates and are still on an operating system that’s 2 years old. Not only do they provide performance updates but also important security updates that are there to keep your device safe! 

Still using paper diaries? Still printing off job sheets in the morning? Missing services? Take your business paperless with Commusoft, and really improve the way you manage your jobs.

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