11 Free or Cheap Marketing Tools to Help Grow your Plumbing & Heating Business

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When it comes to marketing your quality plumbing and heating business in order to grow your customer base, increase sales and improve retention, you might find you need a new set of tools.Here are 11 free or cheap marketing tools for you to try:

1. MailChimp

Join more than 15 million users globally who are sending e-mails to their databases using MailChimp. Whether you're a small independent plumbing and heating company, or a large enterprise with hundreds of staff, e-mail marketing can be a key way of communicating with customers and letting them know about your latest deals, what projects you have been working on, the new products they should know about, and so forth.

MailChimp provides you with a quick and easy way to do this; design your e-mail to a pre-set template or create your own bespoke code to ensure your e-mail looks exactly how you want it to. As well as being able to automate your marketing, you can also measure it through detailed analytics. You can also sign up for free, although there is a small cost when your mailing list gets larger.

2. Google Analytics 

It's one thing having a website, but it's another being able to use it effectively to get the most from your site. Through using Google Analytics, you can find out detailed information about your customer that will help you improve the offerings on your site, the journey they go on, and how they find out about your company. Call it a next level power tool!

Through Google Analytics, you are able to measure how many people have landed on your website, what search terms they have used, how long they spent on each page, what location they're in, alongside many other useful details that can be incorporated into your marketing and SEO strategy.


Explore and grow your social following through Followerwonk. In using this platform, you can analyse your Twitter following, find influencers, optimise your social media profile, segment your audience, and find out who else they follow. You can also compare the connections you have with your competitors, to ensure you have the market edge.

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4. Woorank

Improve how easy it is for your audience to find out about your plumbing and heating business by using WooRank. You can increase visitors to your website through using the SEO checker, which can ensure you are optimising every page effectively. It offers auditing and keyword tools that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

You can also use the platform to keep tabs on what other similar businesses are doing, checking out their SEO, social media and keywords to keep stepping up in the rankings. You can also easily monitor your traffic, keywords and rankings through weekly e-mails to your inbox. 

5. Squarespace

When looking to build your marketing strategy, one of the core components should be having a website. This doesn't have to be costly or stressful, though. Squarespace enables you to get a custom domain, build a unique online space to share your company information and price lists, and offers a means through which you can measure your analytics. It can be very quick to get your website looking good, with no initial costs. This is crucial given that your website really is your digital store front, and the better it looks, the more customers you will attract.

6. BuzzSumo

When putting together your content marketing and SEO campaigns, BuzzSumo helps you to analyse which content is working best, no matter what topic you are covering. You are also able to find key influencers to help you promote your content. Type in any keyword and you'll find which links are performing well, how keywords are being used, what the total number of shares are, and who is doing the sharing.

7. Moz

Another useful tool to utilise in managing your SEO, Moz helps you to drive customers to your website. They have 36,000 customers in over 85,000 locations, meaning they're experienced at what they do. If you're interested in your local rankings, they help to make listing and review management easy and offer a free listing score. Their keyword explorer helps you to discover and prioritise what you should be using across your content. You can also run a full SEO audit using Moz, with weekly e-mails showing any broken links and issues. 

8. Hubspot

This free inbound marketing and sales platform will help your plumbing and heating business generate leads and close new deals through the variety of products it offers. This includes customer relationship management software, which enables you to manage all of your contacts in one space without needing complicated spreadsheets. Amongst other benefits, you can book meetings, place phone calls, send e-mails or log activity in one space.

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 9. Canva

Over 10 million people have used Canva to design over 100 million beautiful documents; these can be sent out as part of your marketing efforts. With simple drag-and-drop features, professional layouts, and stunning graphics, it's not hard to make a quick impact without huge investment.

10. Youtube

YouTube has been a popular video-sharing platform since its launch in 2005. It gives you a free and easy way to broadcast yourself through video, giving your company a voice and a face that can help your audience connect with you.

According to YouTube, over 72 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute. This could be either through independent videos or advertisements. NIELSEN reports that each month, YouTube attracts 136 million unique viewers; that's a huge audience for you to capitalise on. 

Source: http://www.smartshoot.com/blog/25-online-video-marketing-statistics-that-will-blow-your-mind

 11. Google Trends

Find out what is trending online with Google Trends, and tap into this through hashtags, SEO and blog posts that connect with these topical interests. Through utilising Google data in this way, you can ascertain the interest there is in different subject matters and optimise your content based on this. For example, the term 'plumbing supplies near me' shows a 3,300% increase in search frequency in the last five years.

Marketing plumbing and heating services is a breeze with so many resources available, all designed to increase your insight into your core audience and help generate more traffic.

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